We’re revamping our backyard space!

My husband has been working extra hard these last few weeks to make our backyard feel more welcoming and complete. Wayfair is helping us accomplish those backyard oasis dreams and while our pieces haven’t come in yet, I’m giving you a peek as to what’s to come in these next few weeks – I’ll photograph it all when everything is in its place. 

This is the patio set that I ordered from Wayfair. I know what you’re thinking – white is obviously a brave choice for me to select with two small children. But here we are. It’s the one that I loved the most. ha.

We have some flowers growing in our garden, some pampas grass swayin’ around in the California sunshine, and string lights hung so we can enjoy it in the evening when the boys are gone to bed.

Can’t wait to reveal it all to you in June!

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