Worth the investment? Here are my top 3 beauty indulgences

Whether you’re into beauty or not, you know that sometimes paying a bit more for a product often pays off in the end. Often, it’s higher quality, and lasts longer.

I’ll be talking about 3 of my favourite high end beauty items that I’ve continued to invest in throughout the years.

Cle de Peau Concealer| In every beauty YouTube video I film where I’m completing a makeup look, you’ll know I have yet to stray from my Cle de Peau concealer in the shade Beige. The expensive stick of concealer however, will last me anywhere from 18-20 months with daily use. Divvy that up, and the cost per wear is literally pennies at that point. Currently I’m on my 3rd tube of it. I love it for the fact it brightens my under eyes without creasing and doesn’t need to be set with a powder. Now, it doesn’t work for everyone who tries it, but I remember getting my sister-in-law hooked on it when she came down to visit a few years back.

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair| This eye cream isn’t for everyone as it’s a thicker texture and takes a bit of work to absorb under the eyes – but my under eyes need that hydration and my concealer simply glides on top – it’s truly the perfect pairing. This eye cream is great for someone who wants to just use it as a night cream or has dry skin.Personally I apply under eye cream twice a day, especially during the winter months for extra hydration, as under the eye area is one of the first places to show signs of aging. This hydrates my eye area so intensely, it’s no wonder I’ve been purchasing it for 5+ years and one jar will last me around 7 months.

philosophy hope in a jar| I’ll keep repurchasing this moisturizer as long as the company keeps making it! For a while, I was working with the brand (which was fan-freakin’-tastic!) but now I’m back to purchasing it with my own dollars. I’m not sure what’s with this moisturizer, but it makes my makeup application have the perfect amount of glow/dewiness to it. I haven’t opened a new pot of it yet, simply for the fact I’m currently using my Aveda Wedding Masque moisturizer that I really enjoy. But I can’t wait to bust out the new hope in a jar, I’ve missed it!



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