McDonald’s Gilroy Garlic Fries

FTC/Disclaimer: This was a sponsored/paid trip with McDonald’s, you know I love me some McDonald’s, and of course opinions are 100% my own (pfth I’d never post anyone elses wording!).

Are you a fan of garlic? And who doesn’t like McDonald’s french fries, seriously? I swear if you tell me you don’t like the most iconic items on the McDonald’s menu (being french fries) I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

If you’re living in the greater Bay Area, you might’ve seen that last year McDonald’s had launched their very own version of garlic fries, which are made-to-order. They’re delicious and I suggest you get your hands on them before they disappear again for the season! After a successful launch last summer they’ve brought them back again but they’re only around a limited time – until the end of summer. They’re flippin’ good, and may I add I probably would even like more garlic on them? Since they’re made-to-order you can probably request more garlic! They’re seasoned with parmesan cheese, a bit of parsley, and of course Gilroy Garlic from Christopher Ranch (which I’ll get into more detail, in tomorrow’s post).


Come back tomorrow, as I’ll be getting more in depth about how McDonald’s sources local ingredients for these specific garlic fries. We went down to the city of Gilroy, to tour the fields where they were grown. I also learned how to braid huge stocks of garlic, delicious! You’ll love it, so c’mon back tomorrow and have a read.

But before you go for the day – tell me: What do you order when you go to McDonald’s? What’s your favourite food/drink on the menu? I gotta say, I really miss their triple-thick-milkshakes and I’m bummed that they don’t have root beer at the McDonald’s locations around me (is it all of the USA?). Either way, I dig their fries, obviously. The nuggets, and plain cheeseburgers is what I tend to order. How about you?

McDonald’s Gilroy Garlic fries, get’em while they last. (photo from McDonald’s)

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