Being social again

berry-headerI’ve been pretty anti-social (minus the press trips) in 2016. Even the lack of Pomeranian Fridays! I miss doing those. I’ve been saying no to hanging out with friends, and going to beauty events in San Francisco. I haven’t particularly felt too down the last month or so (about my father’s passing back in January). But I just simply felt content at home. Maybe that’s where I needed to be.

swanson-berry-farmJessica invited me to go to Davenport with her yesterday to go berry picking with her and her sons. Finally for once, I said yes. And wouldn’t ya know it I had tons of fun. I even stated that I needed to get back into taking Alfie on adventures again and post them every Friday like I used to. I don’t want to get into a comfortable routine or staying at home and not socializing. I like the adventure part of living here in California, especially at this time where I have completely free days due to the lack of work.



picking-themI want to start being social and saying yes to all these adventures again. I think I’m done the hard part of my grieving process, and I’m ready to get my life back on track.

red-ripLittle did I know where Jessica was driving us to go pick some strawberries. It was a little under an hour drive south of San Jose, kinda the same route I’d take if I were going to Santa Cruz. I had never really heard of the town of Davenport, but also not really surprisingly because the town’s population when we passed it along the road sign was 408! Teensy. Love going to little places like this.



berryWe stopped at Swanton Berry Farm, which has an organic u-pick field where it’s an honour system where you pay by the pound, and pay for it yourself (no cashier). Jessica was also telling me that they do apple picking here in the fall! I cannot wait to go back and grab me some Honey Crisp apples. They’re the best.

slow-5mphOne of the workers there when we arrived mentioned that the strawberries were a bit of a slim’pickin’s, and I have to admit. It kinda was! I suppose it’s all due to the fact that we arrived to pick them late in the season, but I still had loads of fun with her and her boys!




yay-berriesOhmigaaa it was kind of windy there! Couldn’t get a good selfie for the life of me!


chocberriesAfter berry picking we had a few (paid) strawberry snacks (they were delicious). Along with some jam samples (also delicious).

gamesThey had so many games, couches, and fun knick-knacks inside. I could’ve stayed there for hours taking oodles of photos.


rail-roadBefore we drove up to grab a bit of lunch, we stopped by a beach. I think it was still in Davenport. Either way, it was gorgeous. I love California.



burger-santa-cruzThen we drove back up to Santa Cruz area and had a feed at one of the best burger joints I’ve ever been introduced to, appropriately called Burger.

And that was our day!

strawberry-headerSwanton Berry Farm
25 Swanton Rd.
Davenport, CA 95017

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