Shopping for bras suck

I have to say, I hate bra shopping probably just as much as I hate buying razors. There’s nothing fun about it. It’s all for necessity reasons, and holy by the jumpins I cannot get over the fit of all these different bras at Victoria’s Secret.

My parents gave me some American cash for Christmas so I could buy some things for myself, and since I was feeling practical, I decided to buy myself some new bras/underwear. So the other day, I ventured into this one dead mall (It’s a ghost town — 60% of the stores are only open on weekends.) that has a VS inside.

An older woman working there noticed I was looking through the bras and asked if I needed any help. Of course I do. There’s gotta be 60 bras in your store and I have no idea where to start. After I told her what colour and style (only push-up because hello IBTC) I’ve been looking for, she took me under her wing and selected a few bras for me to try on.


Bras are weird.

Some of them made my boobs really far apart. Others made them pointy! What? Who is going for that look?

After trying on a couple of bras, I was unsatisfied with how most of them fit. Primarily because I’m smack dab in the middle of band size, so no bra fits me perfectly. I usually go with the smaller band size which eventually stretch. I know you can get bra-extenders, but those are ugly, and… no thanks.

The bras I tried on

Body by Victoria: No
Fabulous bra by VS Pink: It was okay, but it had weird excess fabric on the front.
Very Sexy: (which I have in another colour from a few years back and LOVE) this one was also a no. Maybe they re-designed it.
Incredible Bra: As much as I’d like to attest it’s an incredible bra it’s just an every day bra. It’s what I ended up buying. It looks decent but the cups look huge. Oh well, I’m pretty pleased with how seamless it is under a t-shirt at least.

I came out of the dressing room and I’m a little surprised at how honest the VS woman was with me. She told me I had made a good choice on the bra and it was “much better” than the one I was wearing currently, which also happened to be from VS.

yellow-AE-teeOh thanks for making me feel insecure about the bra I’m wearing, woman. It was clear she was working for commission since she was repeating herself that I make sure I tell the cashier she helped me. Now while you all stare at my boobs for a second — for reference, this is what I was wearing (In a different change room. I bought the top though!). I guess you can see the seams lifting or folding outwards. Guh.

I also picked up 9 pairs of underwear! Missus made a fortune on me that day, I tell ya. I couldn’t find any of my favourite no-show seamless underwear anywhere in the store. She was trying to convince me that the cheekies were the same. Lady, they are not. Cheekies are not flattering on anyone’s toosh, let me tell ya. They slice the butt and make you look bigger than what you are! At least, there’s my opinion right out there for you.

I went with four of these (they have a really cool texture and are kinda shimmery!), and five of these.

Question for all the ladies reading. How often do you replace your bras? I mean, the ones you wear on a daily basis. Because I probably keep mine for much longer than I should. The VS woman told me her bras were starting to wear out within one year. I didn’t dare tell her how old the one I was wearing, was.

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  1. I probably don’t replace them as often as one should, but when you find a good one, it’s hard to let them go! I can’t get mine at VS because of the sizing. Most of my luck has been when my mom makes a trip to Hong Kong and brings back a ton from there ~ somehow she gets my size right without me being there, lol.

  2. Hey Nancy! Believe it or not, i’ve sent you an e-mail about this subject last December, when i got some VS / Aerie stuff for myself. Even had little reviews about it. Check your inbox.

    Anyway, i keep my bras as long as possible. But when the straps become loose, or the cups start to show wrinkles that are impossible to fix or when the fabric from the sides and back become a bit more extended, they have to be replaced. I hate when i have to stop using one of my favorites.

    1. @Aline: I do remember that e-mail you sent me! But I think with the various sizes in bras, people prefer different styles and fits. I’ve tried on Aerie bras in the past and really didn’t like them. There’s always a hunt for the perfect bra, isn’t there.
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      1. @Nancy: @Nancy: Glad you got the e-mail. Everyone has their own tastes, yes. Also i really wish bra shopping wasn’t something like rocket science. Anyway, did got some undies from Aerie but the bras were from VS. One of them doesn’t seem to be available anymore and the other is the Perfect Comfort Bra.

        This one:

        It’s wireless pushup bra and the fabric is very soft. I really think It is worth trying it on, next time you are near one of their stores (hopefully without the annoying helper). Who knows, maybe you’ll like it. I got one totalty by chance and since i liked it so much, i didn’t think twice when i had the opportunity to get another one.

  3. I also hate bra shopping, but most of all at VS. They do work on commission which is why they are so incredibly pushy to the point most times they’re not even really giving you what you need/want and are just giving you stuff to try on in the hopes you’ll buy one. Last time I went in there, I was adamant about replacing my very worn bras that I’ve had for quite some time, but specific as to what I wanted (light padding, zero push up, zero add a cup because I rejected the IBTC at 16 unfortunately). Some are cut so low (demi usually) that I would just spend the whole day worrying about flashing someone at some point. I wasn’t sure if I had changed sizes since my last time around (it’s probably been about 3 or 4 years since I was last fitted) and after trying on about 6 of what I thought was my “right” size, the woman sized me and told me what I needed was a band size one size smaller than what I was currently wearing, and 2 cup sizes bigger! Eff that noise. She brought me one on that size that happened to be a pushup and while the cup (with pushup help), did fit nicely, I couldn’t breathe because the band was so tight, so I knew all anyone would be able to see through my shirt was backfat. AWESOME.
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    1. @Sheena: I could TELL she was working on commission because as soon as she realized I was serious about putting down some cash on bras and undies, she was all over helping me. Super annoying.

      I can’t do demi’s either because I feel like they look funny with me, under a shirt.
      Nancy recently posted..eBay purchases: ratedMy Profile

      1. @Nancy: Definitely! Someone on the floor “helped” me find one of the few full coverage bras they sell, so i grabbed about 5-6 of them, and she was super excited, gave me her name twice, ,wrote it on a card and brought me to the fitting room. Then the girl in the fitting room swooped in, “sized” me incorrectly and brought me a few new bras in the size she had just given, which clearly didn’t work, so I had my mom go out and get the size I thought I’d be and voila! it fit! When I exited with my 2 bras to purchase in my hand, I noticed that the girl in the fitting room had thrown away the original card they give you with the persons name on it (who’s helping you) and had replaced it with a new card with HER name on it, even though she was negative zero helpful. Then as I was exiting, she said at least 2 times her name and “don’t forget to tell them who helped you!”

        … needless to say it’s a really uncomfortable and awkward experience.
        Sheena recently posted..2015 Races!My Profile

  4. Oh my gosh, I SO agree with you! I don’t think I have a single bra that is a perfect fit. I don’t understand, either, how I can be one size in one bra and a significantly different size in another. I’m rather busty, so that just makes it even harder. It seems like the only bras in my size all have underwire. Ouch! I just want a comfy bra without metal framework, is that so much to ask???? I do like my Genie though, that thing is insanely comfy.
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  5. What’s funny and strange is that the only bras that have ever worn out after a year were from VS. In all honesty, I’m ashamed to admit how old some of my non-VS bras are. I showed my husband one of the first selfies I took of myself back in 9th grade. He told me my boobs looked perky. I admitted that it was the bra and then proceeded to pull it out of my lingerie drawer. I was in 9th grade in 2001.
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  6. I 100% agree. Bra shopping is the worst! Every time I go into Victoria Secret it is like they cranked up the cool air! I’m always freezing when I’m trying on bras! I also find it super awkward when you show the lady working there if the bra fits all right and there are other people waiting in line for a room and can see you. I’m already self conscious enough to just be standing in a bra let alone in front of people I don’t know!
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    1. @Olivia Schwab: Omg it would be so bad with the A/C cranked! I don’t think I could handle it hahaha. I don’t usually go out and show the woman my bare torso with the bra on. I put on a t-shirt and see if it looks okay, then ask her for her opinion. At least, that’s what I did last time. I usually try and see for myself. I know how I like the boobies to look under my shirt, haha! That sounds funny.
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  7. I like bra shopping if they carry my size, but I don’t think VS does. I’m also part of the IBTC and am in between band sizes because I have big ribs, so cup sizes get super skewed because I need a bigger band but then the cup is bigger and YEAH it’s just a mess. I do like when you find a perfect bra, though!
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  8. I hate bra shopping too. My tips is when you find the perfect bar purchase more than one of them so when one needs to be replaced you have a backup. You would think bra shopping would be easier than it is but its not.

  9. I used to hate shopping for bras until I went to a new store in the UK called Bravissimo. The lady in there looked at me with my bra on and shook her head. In half an hour I was all perky [which is hard with enormous boobs] and feeling very beautiful. Well worth seeing a professional bra, er, person.
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  10. I can totally relate on finding the proper bra. It can be a frustrating time and it seems no one to help you. This is why I still try to find a bra store that makes bras or specializes in wedding bras, because I can get fitted before I purchase the bra. I try to go and get fitted each year because I’m getting older and some of the weight comes and goes. By doing this I know I have the correct bra each year. I love the top by the way.
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  11. I don’t want to sound harsh but VS bras are crap. Go to Nordstrom some day, I had been wearing the incorrect size and they corrected that. If you compare the quality of some brands to VS you’ll see. Le Mystere is my go to brand, I rotate my bras and only hand wash them and have had some of my bras for 4-5 years.

  12. I find shopping at VS so overwhelming! I did like that they offered to measure me and I found out I was actually buying the wrong size. I do find that their bras (and any bra I have ever owned) always does that thing where the top pokes out and you can see it through your shirt. Why do all bras do that??

    P.s. I like the shirt. Yellow looks rad on you ;)
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  13. Shopping for bras can really suck sometimes but now that I’ve been professionally measured I can definitely say that it’s a much less miserable experience. I grab my size and as long as it feels comfortable and my chest looks nice – I buy it. I’m definitely a huge fan of VS workout line and some of their push ups are incomparable (the bombshell is like getting implants -haha). The top you decided to get is adorable, btw!
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  14. Bra shopping for me is a total waste of time and a nightmare! A 36G cup is VERY hard to find. So when I do order, and find 1 that cost as much as 3 put together I wash/wear it gingerly and for years. I only hand wash them in woolight, and air dry them. I will wear 1 for a few hours before switching to a comfy bedtime bra. So, count your blessings that you can find anything in a store :)
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  15. I’ve never shopped in Victoria’s Secret, I actually don’t even know if we have a store of there here in Ireland. I hear you though on the struggle with bra shopping, I hate it! My boobs just seem to keep growing and I’m on the further end of the size scale, last time I checked it was like an E! I need to go bra shopping soon, dreading it. I actually think yours looks fine under your shirt.

  16. I’ve shopped at VS a few times, but have never had a very good experience with their salespeople. One time a salesperson followed me around the entire store, breathing down my neck as I looked at various possible gifts for my daughter. I think she thought I was going to steal something!

  17. I cannot tell you how much I agree with more. I absolutely hate it to a point to where I have gone months only wearing sports bras to avoid this. I of course had to eventually when my husband started to notice but hey thats the nice thing about my job haha.

  18. Proper Fit is SO Necessary
    My daughter suggested that I go to Intimacy. Both of us are hard to fit. She’s a tiny thing but has a larger chest so she needs a smaller band, larger cup. Almost impossible to find. The best thing was getting a proper measurement. The bras were more expensive and held up well (literally and figuratively.) The process is such a pain, but the wrong bra can cause an outfit to wow ’em or #fail.

  19. That is so funny, I totally agree with you on the bras, but I’m the opposite with undies! I don’t wear anything but thongs & cheeky ones lol. Idk, I think I just hate the panty lines?

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