Guelph Target, Powdered peanut butter, what else?

What’s this silliness going on here right now. Blogging on the weekends, wha?

I know. Who am I. Good morning, by the way… readers! I need your help – I’m looking to change up my comments section so that there’s an actual reply button instead of me going in and editing each individual comment to say “Nancy says: … and I type my comment here“. I DO read each and every one of your comments but I find it to be a hassle to edit your comment, with my reply. Get what I’m saying? So, I want to fix that.

What is your Sunday looking like? I’ll tell you what. I’m being a bit lazy right now because I’m driving over to Guelph later on because I really want to check out Target and that’s the only one that’s open around my area right now, so I’m excited to see the hype. Even though I know the store kind of isn’t the greatest since some of their brands aren’t in. But I don’t care. I want to see and perhaps judge it for myself. I may take pictures. We’ll see :)

Remember yesterday I was telling you about me going paleo for thirty days next month? Well, did you know peanuts are not paleo? They’re not technically nuts. I know, crazy right? Who knew. Clearly not me, til my CrossFit coach informed me. I don’t love peanut butter anyway, but the Boyfriend does (and will not be participating in paleo with me, because he already eats way more healthy that I). But I thought this PB2 product would be of interest to those who like the peanut butter taste.  It’s gluten free as well.

Basically PB2 is grounded up roasted peanuts with 75% of the fat removed which is now in a powder form. You add water and it gives it the peanut butter consistency again. It even comes in a chocolate peanut butter form. Yum! Kind of reminds me of something astronauts would use, really.

When my Boyfriend and I go grocery shopping together (hours long trip. Yes, that was plural. Yes, it tests my patience) we both look for food that is nutritious but also low in calories, sodium and sugar. He reads those labels, not me.

I personally have yet to see PB2 in stores around near me, but I’ve seen them frequent the heathy living blogs that I’ve been reading lately. Have you guys tried it? What do you think of it?


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