I’ve been gone so longggg

I’m back!

Even though I had a fantastic vacation, it’s still so great to be back home. I missed our bed, I missed Alfie, and I really don’t mind being back at work. I felt as if I was off on vacation throughout the whole month of August! With being down in San Diego, then not even two weeks later out west again in British Columbia.

I thought I would have time or want to blog on my ipad or blackberry, but I was enjoying relaxation, and having tons of fun instead. As to be expected.

I’ll have some photos up soon. But I only got back yesterday — again, blogging on the iPad since my desktop computer is completely fried.

Remember, I also have some sweet giveaways and reviews coming up. Since I left you guys out in the open last time, I’ll give you more of a hint: Riceworks, Philosophy skin care, and a few more to name a fewwww.. Ooooo!!!

Okay I gotta go. :)

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