No rain

It hasn’t rained here for about two weeks, in fact – we currently are in a heat wave right now. I never really knew what that term meant until recently I overheard on the news it’s when you have three days or more, where the temps are over 32ºC for all three days. Well, that in fact is what the weather has been like. Luckily, I’m a fan of the heat. We still haven’t gotten our air conditioner set up yet in the apartment, so it’s a bit swealtering. Nothing a cold glass of ice water and cool shower’s can’t fix. Right?

On Thursday I went to a Golf Tournament. I didn’t play – I was volunteering, so I was outside the whole entire hot sunny beautiful day. It was an all day event of course, since it was for charity. Lunch was served (BBQ!) as well as dinner with door prizes at the end. Volunteers ended up getting their own little gift bags. Mine had a $25 gift card to flipping WINNERS! Hellooo. Love that place.

Then it was time for the golfers to get their prizes. One of them ended up winning this super huge rain catcher, it looked like a barrel except it was plastic instead of wood. I’ve never heard of a rain catcher before, until I started searching around and saw that there are rain chains that exist, decorative at that. The rain chain basically catches all of the rain and you can save it all into a bucket, barrel or what have you and you can water your plants efficiently, without using tap water. It’s a pretty neat invention since a lot of them are just metal chains rain catchers while others are little tulip like cups catching the rain.

Have you ever used them or even heard of them?

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  1. Nanc!
    Nearly every homeowner has “rain barrels” these days. There is even an official “rain barrel day” here in our city, where they sell the nice curvy plastic ones at a reduced price.
    Yep, Im a proud owner! Ours is attached to the evestroph (the norm?) and it catches the rain…
    then we water the garden.
    Darn thing isnt so handy durring a heat wave though ~ shucks!

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