My CrossFit Journal (week 19)


Week 19 Day 1.

Power Snatch

I ended up doing 55lbs in total a few times, of the Power Snatch. It’s a very complex difficult move and I always felt I was doing it wrong but the coaches were telling me my form looked good. So that’s a good sign. The warmup wasn’t too intense either, thankfully. After last week I was terrified to go back!

Warmup — 3 rounds:

200m run
10 oh squats (with pvc bar)
5 rotations (with pvc bar)
5 leg raises
10 kb swings
5 explosive jumps

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Running, Overhead Squats with the plastic pvc bar, 5 rotations which is posted above. For the leg raises, you hang off the pull up bar, keep your toes and heels together and pointed – then raise them up as far as you can without bending your knees. Kettle bell swings are self explanatory and for the explosive jumps we start in the squat position and jump as high as you can touching the pullup bar.


Week 19 Day 2.

Can you believe there’s a warmup before the actual warmup? We usually run 2-3 laps around the 200m building. We ran 3 laps today (600m) and then ended up doing some leg swings, some stretches for your legs and then a duckwalk around the entire inside of the box. It was torture on my legs. I don’t think I’ve sworn so much in my life. There were only 3 people in the class that day, me and two other guys. Of course they did the duckwalk faster – they were quacking at me, making me laugh and fall over. It was rough. The actual warmup had us sweating a lot too.

Warmup — 5 rounds:
5 second ring dip w/ extension
1 wall climb with 30 second hold at top

I find wall climbs hard to hold for 30 seconds than I do the handstands. Random.

Okay onto the WOD (Workout Of the Day)

Amrap 20
7 handstand pushups
12 L pull ups

12 pushups
12 pullups
30 second plank but for me 30 second handstand

Today’s WOD was tough since the prescribed workout were for pro’s basically, ha ha! I didn’t want to do the scaled version either because I did want to practice my handstands. I asked the coach if I could do something different so he told me to practice the handstands rather than the planks, planks are one of my favorite workout holds so it’s half-easy for me to hold. I wanted to challenge myself.

I also found that the handstands hurt my wrists at the end of it. I ended up doing 4 complete rounds in 20 minutes. However there were 5 seconds left on the clock and I needed to get into my 30 second handstand hold. The timer went off and I decided to hold it for the 25 remaining seconds. So tough!! Love it.


Week 19 Day 3.

FILTHY FIFTY! Ohhh yeah.
For time:

50 Box jump, 20 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings — I used a 12lb KB
50 Lunges
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press — I used 35 pounds
50 Superman’s
50 Wall ball shots — I used a 12lb ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders (or 150 regular skips)

[click to enlarge]


I don’t know what my time was. I stopped at 7:25 and I forget when we started. Either 6:40, 6:45… maybe 6:50. I think my worst enemy at CrossFit is definitely Wall Balls. By the time I finished my entire workout I couldn’t even speak. I had to wobble out of the building and stand outside to catch my breath. It wasn’t that I was breathing heavy — I think it just took a lot out of me and I felt semi-ill. lol


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