An Easter surprise!

I call my parents multiple times in the run of a week. Usually I just get my Father and we chat about nothing. Mostly, I’m disciplining my dog since he gets jealous of me talking on the phone and not talking to him while my Dad plays solitaire on the computer.

It was just an ordinary day on Monday, getting ready to go to work.

My Mom told my Dad not to say anything about my Easter care package that came in the mail  so I was pleasently surprised when it arrived to me at work on Monday!

A co-worker brought in my care package and immediately I recognized my Mom’s printing on the brown paper box. I could barely contain myself, I kept saying “awwww my mommmm” while opening it lol.

My Mom knows me so well. Easter PEEPS! She also sent me some cute Easter clothing too! Thanks Momma :) Love you lots.

Have a great day everyone, and Happy almost Easter!

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