Gas prices

I think I’ll have to start taking the bus again on occasion to save gas. I doubt I’d do that though, I budget out so much per pay to fill my car up with gas, but now it’s getting a bit riduclous to  fill my tank for $52.

I’ve noticed a lot of American’s are complaining about the gas hike as well. Why do us Canadians get screwed over more often? I mean we love shopping in the states for clothes (cheaper), milk (also cheaper) and gas (a steal!).

I finally found a converter that tells you what we pay for gas in litres and gallons. $1.22/litre here = $52 to fill up my tank. That equals out to $4.62/gallon using this conversion site thing.

The $1.22/litre is cheap compared to my home province of Newfoundland where they’re probably twenty cents more!!

I think people are paying roughly $3.30/gallon in the states which is basically like $0.83/litre which is incredible. I need to live closer to the boarder. It’s about an hour and twenty away. Ha!

How much do you pay for gas per liter or per gallon?

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  1. While it certainly DOES suck to have to spend more money on gas in the US, Canada, etc. and we may have to re-budget everything/take the bus more often/etc., the rise in fuel prices is def. affecting people in less developing countries way more. While we might have to wake up a hour earlier to catch the bus (instead of driving to work), the rise in fuel prices means that food prices in their country will increase…so they may not be able to afford to feed their family, their livestock, etc. And sadly, most of them do not have a safety net to fall back on so they’re way more vunerable that us.

    HAHA, I don’t know… This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about increasing gas prices, food prices etc.

  2. WHAT!? All these Americans complaining about gas and it’s only 83 cents a litre!?? I don’t think it’s been that cheap in NB since I was a kid.

  3. In Spain 1,35 euro/lt which means 1,81 CAD or 1,87 USD. And the winner is……
    Most of us run on diesel cars instead of petrol, we can save about 1 euro every 100 km.
    Our prices aren´t the highest in Europe, I know that in the UK and nordern countries (Sweeden, Norway and so on) the gas costs even more. The biggest part (60%) of the price are taxes, sooo nice!!!.
    Taking into account that our salaries seem to be the lowest in Europe (1000 euro/
    1345 CAD/1382 USD per month) we’d rather buy a bicycle and start training.

  4. I pay $2.239USD or $2.191CAD per litre. :| Stop complaining! Our taxes are sky high. My biggest expense is leaving our flat. We live in the middle of nowhere and have to drive to get a carton of milk, or it would be a 6 mile round trip trekking!

    Nancy says: Omg I know, isn’t it incredible how much the difference is everywhere? My Brother when they all lived in Ireland had some insane prices like that too. I even asked him “Is this gallons or litres over here!!?” Sure enough, litres.

  5. I get a kick out of oil companies saying that the price increases is due to the cost per barrel of oil. When the costs went down, our gas prices did not go down. Meanwhile these companies are posting record profits year after year.

    In Europe there is a high cost for gas, but it is difficult to compare. Canada does not have the population (almost 34 million) or the infrastructure (public transit, trains etc) that exists in many European countries. I do agree we have to get out of the “must have a car” state of mind. If I could I would cycle the 22kms to work every day, I can’t though, the roads are not friendly and people are just not educated on how to share the roads with cyclists. Also there is that lovely thing we call snow!

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