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Now that (inter)National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) has ended as of yesterday, I wanted to ask you guys a question. I can blog every single day and I’ve shown that for months now. But is that too much for everyone to keep up? Would you rather I blog less?  If you’re reading this via google RSS feed, I have a poll embedded in this blog post. Feedback is appreciated!

I’m filled with ideas, and random thoughts, which is why I write here, every day.  So! Tell me! Be honest — and answer in the comments below :) Thanks guys and gals.

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  1. I said other. I think you should post as often as you like. Even before the NaBloPoMo you were posting often. Whatever works for you. I am sure your loyal readers will follow no matter what!

    Nancy says: I know where you’re coming from, and I do enjoy writing as often as I do – but I don’t want people to feel overwhelmed and try to “catch up” (if they’re really that interested in my blog). Thanks for the comment though :)

  2. All i can say is that’s up to you. You don’t have to feel obligated to post anything, plus sometimes we have other things do to.

  3. I say keep posting like you have been forever :P I like reading your posts and I also like the fact that if one post doesn’t catch my interest I can scroll through and find one that does! :)

  4. I say post as much as possible! I love the personality you put into some of your more personal postings. I love your style, & your enthusiasm when you post weekly clothing & contests. So I voted keep posting 5-7times per week!

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