You’re such a GOOD… copy cat

People always wonder why I use coupons. I tell them its’ because I want to buy nicer things with the money I save! For instance, I always enjoy a splurge or two at Anthropologie. I don’t always shop there, because sometimes you can find the look for less.

But what if I owned a home? I couldn’t always go to Restoration Hardware (this store is the best) or Pottery Barn to furnish my home. Sometimes you need to get a little creative! I came across a fantastic website while reading my Real Simple magazine (October issue?).

It’s called Copy Cat Chic and I have loved everrrrrything that this person has posted. I spent a good while browsing the site for — well, not inspiration because I don’t own my own home yet. But just fascinated at the deals you can get, without breaking the bank.

Check out some of the posts:

annndd (omg)…

That’s all I’m showing you. You’ll have to check out Copy Cat Chic for more awesome stuff!

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