Not going anywhere

So if my Boyfriend and I planned on moving out of the small apartment that we are currently residing in, I think I would definitely have to hire someone to come in for me and pack up all of the boxes. I have moved far too many times since moving to Ontario (7 times in 3 years I think it was?). I’m definitely staying put until someone decides to pack everything and organize everything into neat little piles.

Living room, dish pack for fragile items, bedroom stuff, clothing. You know the deal, right? I’m not sure which is worse… packing or unpacking.

Have you ever moved? Wait, of course you have. Most of my readers aren’t still living with their parents, or are they?

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  1. I hate moving! I hope my husband and I can stay in our current apartment until we buy a house. I moved…into and out of my dorm room freshman, sophomore, and junior years of college (luckily I only went to college 30 minutes from where my parents lived). I moved into an off-campus apartment for senior year of college. The following summer I moved my stuff back to my parents’ house for ~2 weeks until my husband and I (then just dating) moved out of state 6 hours away. That was the first REAL big move, with lots of furniture. We moved to a different apartment the following summer so we could get a dog. We stayed in that apartment for 3 glorious years, and that’s where we lived when we got married. Last summer we moved to a bigger apartment, with all that fun stuff we accumulated when we got married.

    I think packing is harder than unpacking. I have a hard time with figuring out what I will need in the mean time and I always underestimate how long it will take. Then there’s the cleaning process as you move out too, so you can get your full security deposit back. While unpacking is also a pain, it’s kind of fun I think because you are getting to start all over and rearrange your furniture and find new places for things. Really frustrating when you can’t find something you swear you put in a certain box though!

    Nancy says: It’s funny. Since packing and unpacking so much since moving to Ontario – I haven’t taken things out of boxes for a couple of years now because I just don’t want to re-pack it. It’s things like decorative bowls, and things that would like nice in a home. Not an apartment, haha…

  2. We moved about 2 months ago (with a 3 month old in tow!). I really like moving, okay let me rephrase, I really like the IDEA of moving. lol Once packing begins you realize how daunting the task at hand really is! We did pretty good though and got it all moved with 3 trucks (2 did 2 loads), and a horse trailer (did 2 loads) in 1 day! Unpacking was another story though… I still have not tackled the basement.

  3. I had to move so many times when I was in university. From one dorm room to another and back home for the summer the back to school. I also had to deal with roomies moving in and out as well. When I finally finished univ and got an apartment I moved again, then I move home and then 3 weeks later I moved to my uncles for a job for the summer and then after the summer moved home, so in about 4 years I’ve moved at least 10 times. I would be willing to move again granted I found the right place to move to.

  4. I hate moving with a passion! In 2009 I moved 3 times! Yes 3! Crazy I know. First was in February (into condo with ex), then in September into apartment by myself, and then in December into my house… Add this to the other 14 times I have moved in my life and you might begin to see my true distest for moving!

    Hiring a company would be the smartest thing to do. If you think about it time is money, and although it will cost you money it will save your sanity. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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