Race photos

One of the ladies that I run with at the gym, her husband took a couple of photos for us at the race. I had no idea that most of these were being taken, of course we posed for the very last photo.

As vain as it sounds I’m definitely not wearing my hair like this again for another race. I had my “bangs” pinned back super tight that I looked bald. So these photos are most definitely photoshopped :)

And this is why I never wear my hair in a pony tail other than sports haha!

I spot my running buddy and I at the start! See that tiny red circle I drew? Right there is where we are!

That’s me slowly jogging into the finish line. That’s a water  spot on my shirt since I flicked a whole cup of water on me at kilometer #4 to cool me down.

We’re cheering on one of our older running buddies who does our jogs at the gym with us. So proud of her! At the end we basically had everyone who had no idea who she even was, cheering for her! It was an awesome finish for her, she even picked up the pace when we started whistling and screaming for her! Such a great feeling.

About half of our running group! Yayyyy!!!

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