OOTD – May 25, 2010

This morning we were rushed to get everything ready in time. I had my alarm set or 6:30am so I could play with Alfie for a bit before he had to go get things removed from his body at the vet today. Well that didn’t end up happening because my blackberry’s alarm didn’t end up going off! Instead, I woke up at 7:15 from Scott’s blackberry alarm and I popped out of bed and got dressed immediately.

We had to drop Alfie off to the vet between 7am — 8am. We made it there in time, but I think Alfie knows that vets are now a place where he gets poked and prodded at. Because he was making weird noises, not necessarily growling. But doing something weird with his mouth, and digging into my shoulders when I was carrying him.

Once he was left at the vet, we drove home and I got ready for work. Thankfully I get my work clothes all sorted out for the whole week on Sunday (or this case Monday since we had a long weekend), so when I got out of the shower I was alllllllllllllll ready to go.

I took some photos of my outfit when I was on my break at work, in the bathroom lol. Don’t mind! I love new clothes. It was actually too hot to wear this cardigan when I was outside earlier today. Imagine that! LOVE this summer heat.

Ring: RW & Co (October ’09?)
Forever 21.  I think this was like $4.o0 or something! (Recent purchase – but since they put up new accessories almost daily, it’s probably not available)
Fossil Stella
Aerie lol
Old Navy ($24 ish)
Jacob $18
Old Navy (Bought days ago, I think it was like $20 something dollars)
Michael Kors “Amber Flats” — bought in Toronto

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  1. Your outfit is totally cute! :D

    Hope Alfie is feeling good.. poor boy. Chase is due to have that done on the 23rd of June I just hope we still get it done … not too sure because of his leg if that would be too much to do to a little pooch but I’m hoping it will be okay! Can’t wait to get him micro-chipped too!

  2. Cute outfit!! I really think you not be my friend anymore if you saw what I wear on a daily basis! haha!

  3. cute look! i love the color of the cardi :)

    I use “remix’d” when I have worn an item before. I guess the goal is to be able to remix your wardrobe as much as possible and still make things look new and fresh :)

    Nancy says: Oh gosh. My wardrobe would be remix’d 100x over before I end up giving it away to good will or something. Can I have a peak inside YOUR wardrobe for myself!? Hehehe.

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