Hoppity Ho Monday Bo!

Wow, my giveaway is definitely pop-you-lurrr since I allowed the comments to be open, and comment as many times as you want. My poor e-mail inbox is overflowing with an insane amount of comments. I’m glad that everyone is having such a time with it. I love the little blurbs people come up with, when they write “Enter Me and….my cat just threw up” or something silly like that. It really makes me laugh and I’ve been reading and of course approving every one! A whole lot of days left of the Magnapod contest too. Git to it! Though I don’t need to tell you that.

It is a shame that people are only interested in the contest and not my blog whatsoever. Where are the commenters? Oh right. Over at the magnapod contestttttttttt.

Just one thing before I start here this morning.

I’m not really turning this into a food blog per-say.


I have been reading lots of food blogs for about a good 8 or 9 months and I’ve been inspired to become more active, and eat … a bit healthier, since I’m gradually posting about my workouts on here, somewhat sporadically. I even decided to get some granola over the weekend and steal borrow some of the BF’s wild berry yogurt. It was surprisingly good. Almost candy-licious and I was filled up fairly fast with maybe ¼ cup of granola and 3 teaspoons of the goop yogurt. Can you tell I’m not really a yogurt fan? I think the granola definitely adds to it, obvs. I almost took a picture, but I gobbled it up too fast. Maybe I’ll take one tomorrow.

I woke up fairly early (for me anyway. I love me some sleeping in on the weekends) on Sunday at 9:30. You’ll be less impressed if I told you my regular weekend routine pre-alfie. Puppy is on a pooping schedule and needs to stay on it, even on Saturday and Sunday or the whole weekend will go to the dogs. Uh? I don’t even know what that saying means. Alfie was super excited to see me that bright and early, even after going to bed at 3AM with us. He just wasn’t in the mood to potty, while I was there with my hair in a state with my old PJs on laying on the couch begging him to potty so we could go back to sleep for an hour or two more the whole afternoon.

After digestion, I decided to stop giving into sloth and just got up off the couch and started being incredibly productive for a Sunday morning. Made myself some granola/yogurt mix was so delicious I contemplated being a piggy and eating more, but I held off and made some blueberry muffins instead! They were pretty bomb. Bomb = amazing in this context. Not like eating bombs, because I’ve eaten a few not so awesome “bomb” muffins before. No way hose! The doggy bed and toys, and butt-washcloth (he has long hair, need I say more?) were washed. However OUR laundry is still in dire need of being started. I think we do laundry every 26 days or something. Don’t judge, we have to pay for laundry in this apartment we live in! I can usually tell by the amount of underwear I have by the end of it. Switching it up once a day, and counting the clean undies after = XX days that I haven’t done laundry.

Shocking isn’t it? I have tons of underwear, by the way. Thought you’d may like to know that… I only do it when I run out of work socks. I have a lot of those too.


Back to food, shall we? I packed a nice abundance of snacks for work with me this A.M. My bananas are still to green to be eaten even though I bought them on Friday (!!) so I had to pack other fun foods. Blueberry muffin, squat by my belongings in my purse, some trail mix that will hopefully do me more than a week if I don’t end up being an oinker over it, honey crisp apple (the best apples ever made/thought of/plucked/bought), sweet luxurious old lady strawberry candy. Remember these folks? Oh yeah, melt in your mouth goodness. Always have to have a bitta candy on hand wha? Back to business. Some chocolate pudding (hey, what can I say — I’m just starting out. Gotta weed out the sugary treats one by one here), and two granola bars: sweet and salty, and a chocolate chip. Also no; I won’t be eating my car keys. Hee hee.

That’s basically it for now. Back to the gym for another sesh after work today. I’ll be sweating at “sweat” class. It’s kind of dance-y moves, and I’m completely uncoordinated that I want to quit the class immediately, but practice makes perfect or something along those lines. So I’ll be going back for Class # 2.

By the way. This stride gum is burning my taste buds. Probably best I spit it out. Not my favorite anymore.

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  1. Hey Nancy. Haven’t been around lately. Sorry.

    On weekends, I always try wake up late. Or at least stay in bed (being lazy). On saturday it’s mostly because the previous friday night and on sunday if i don’t have any plans to go to the beach / do something else.

    I usually do laundry on sundays or mondays. It’s when “working clothes” are almost all in need to be washed. For my undies / bras, i prefer to hand wash instead of using the machine. By the way, got two cute Pink undies last week. Have to get pics of those. I don’t think i have a lot of undies. What do you think it’s too much? =p

    As for food, on sunday i made myself a lasagna, not the best choice to stay on shape =]

    Anyway, how’s you ankle? Felt any pain recently? (gym)

    Have a great week.

  2. You are right Nancy, if everybody that reads your posts leaves a comment every once in a while you won´t feel like they are only interested in the freebies I offer…….. such a shame!!!. By the way, being a person raised in spanish language I loooove the word OINKER!!!

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