Oh no! I want it all.

Someone needs to take me away from Etsy, or I’ll shop my credit card into major debt. I’m dead serious too. My Mom and Boyfriend aren’t online shoppers, and they’re the main people who usually buy presents for me (birthday and Christmas) so unfortunately ;) I’m left with trying to limit myself on what I should buy myself.

So, etsy. My new favorite website has helped me do some online Christmas shopping way in advance and I’m almost complete. Wanna see what I’m just oggling over for myself now? I shouldn’t be so selfish, but I can’t help but show you guys how awesome these things are. Alright, let’s go!

Ugh, I love colorful purses. I don’t even own a plain black, brown or white one. All of my purses are in vibrant shades. I love it that way. I think this purse is a bit huge though, so I don’t think I’d purchase it. Mmm blue. I want a nice slate/grey/blue purse. This color isn’t it, obviously. But that’s what I want.

This plum shade? Yeeees please. Again, too huge to be practical. I like them a few inches smaller than that.

Dead serious about considering buying this. Can you believe it’s handmade!!? Incredible.

Not so fond on this shade of green. But this would be nice in white, or charcoal grey.

Nice. But they’re made of vinyl. Bleh.

Onto the clothing. This looks so comfy. Minus the nip’s. Plz wear a bra.

I think I am seriously going to consider this sweater, too. Wouldn’t match the lime green saddle purse I listed above, but nice to wear on the weekend, none the less. I need some skinny jeans.

Also a must-have. Maybe a Christmas present to me, from my Mom, bought by me? Does that work? I think I’m liking grey sweaters lately.

You know “Enjoy Coca-Cola” how the lettering is all fanc’ed up like that? That’s where the designer got her idea from. I ENJOY it, as I’m a coke drinker myself (Representin” diet caffeine free!).

Since it’s getting chilly out there lately, you can’t forget the love for your hands! Aren’t these wicked? I think I’m sold on the color.

I’m a messy cook. Ok, not really. I just hate it when meat juice splatters on me, especially on my clothes. Or even spaghetti sauce. I HATE having to change in the middle of when I’m cooking. But then again, if I got this – I’d hate to spill anything on it. Contradictory, no?

So impractical. I think they’re slippers, which is more sensible. But I think these would look cute.

One word: Swoon.

I don’t have a purpose for a little journal book like this. But I want it anyway.

Since we have a hedgehog (I rarely mention him, because he hates me and I’m terrified of him) named Boris, I thought this was cute. I almost thought of purchasing it for my boyfriend for Christmas, but key chains are kinda girly, and then I thought I’d get it for myself. It’s still on my “favorited” list on etsy however. Just sitting there. Waiting to be bought.

I also picked out a thing or two for my readers. I know I mentioned this ages ago, that I’ll be having a giveaway. I haven’t forgotten about it yet, I just want a few awesome “nancy’s favorites” to give out, and it’s taking me a while to think of some things lol.

That’s it folks. Just oggling over on Etsy today. Help me?

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  1. ” I like them a few inches smaller than that.” <— That's what she said.

    Sorry. I couldn't help myself. I watched far too many episodes of The Office this morning.

    LOVE all of the cute items you've shared with us in this post. Etsy is the arch enemy of our wallets, that's for darn sure!

  2. Are you having too much spare time? Some times it’s better to give up surfing some websites, I would like to buy a classic car and I keep on hunting for it on the net………I must stop now or I will never give up my mind. The journal book looks so charming, I would get it.

  3. I need to get me a new purse. Going to the mall tomorrow to see if i can find one i like.

    I liked that first sweater as well. I wonder why that girl / model decided to use that without a bra… I don’t like this “bra-less” trend.

    The third one is a nice choice as well. And the whole outfit in the picture matches it perfectly.

    That T-shirt is cool as well. I have one that says “Vodka – Connecting People” using Nokia’s font. lol

  4. rofl @ Lauryn. I have no idea why I didn’t check my spam folder before now – and I don’t know why your comment went there! Oh well – it’s approved now, a few days late!

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