Baby’s got black

1Like my little take on black nail polish? I’ve given up on buying all sorts of expensive (OPI) nail polishes because quite frankly, ELF nail polishes work amazing for me. They’re a thicker consistency and never streak despite the reviews given on their website. I bought 16 polishes for $16 + shipping online the other day. Mostly neutral colors. I submitted an order about a year and a half ago getting all sorts of cheap makeup from ELF, but all of it ended up in the garbage because that’s exactly what it was. Total garb. The only things I kept were the polishes, so I thought I’d “invest” (ha ha!) in some more.

I rarely wear dark colors, but I thought I’d sport them with a bit of zebra paint to tone it down. Paint on some white lines and call it a day. Well, I had my Alpine White (OPI) polish out, and my hot pink (ELF) and decided on doing polk-a-dots with a toothpick instead.

Yes. I know I have scaly hands. Ex boyfriends nicknamed me lizard hands before :(  I blame it on the rock climbing!! I also have terrible cuticles. Also blaming that on my dry scaly hands. I can’t help it.

This is the end result. I dig it:

32Top it off with a coat or two of clear polish and you’re set for a week! NICE.

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  1. The polka dots made it very cool. I wish i had the patience to do stuff like that. Whenever i get my nails polished, i always tend to use discrete colors. With some sparkle yes, but still discrete.

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