This girl needs to shop

I don’t mind purchasing something expensive that I know will last me a long time. For example, I’m eying these Coach shoes. I’m in desperate need for a nice pair of  black flats. The ones that I got for $24 at Reitmans just aren’t cutting it. In fact, they’re falling apart at the soles and I just keep wearing them. Gross right? Too bad. I need a pair of plain black ones because sometimes my outfit speaks for itself and I don’t need to have something clashing against them like my black and white zebra shoes.


I’m surprised they’re not more expensive, considering the brand name. I mean heck, I’ve paid more for other brands of shoes! Plus, I’m surprised I’m even considering these shoes. I usually dislike buying things that so many other people have already — like those monogrammed bags and wristlets of theirs, but for $118 I’ll think about it for a little while, seeing as they just opened a new Coach store in one of the malls here. Nice.

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