Well rested

Last night I caught up on a lot of sleep. My co–worker said he would drop my suitcase off at my house so I wouldn’t have to bring it to the Dentist’s office — which was so fantastic of him, especially since he’s on crutches! I ended up not having any supper last night as the anesthetic from my gums were wearing off around that time and it felt like I had my braces tightened or like a tooth ache. I’m always weary about eating/drinking anything after a filling so I never do.

After being awake for so long the night before, I thought my best bet was head straight to bed while it was still light out.  I had nearly 12 hours sleep and I’ve gotta say I’m quite well rested right now! Before I headed to bed though I caught up on a lot of blog–reads and took some photos of what I bought while I was in Newfoundland. I didn’t have any time at all, while I was home.  But my Mom made time for me on my last day there, so we headed out to BOTH locations of Winners (my favorite store) to see if I could find any deals on purses, ’cause that’s what I’m all about.

No purses were to my liking but I ended up buying a work out top and 2 towels from there. We then headed to a cheapy Clarie’s Accessories type of store, I don’t remember the name — but I picked up 3 pairs of sunglasses for $15!!! Initially two years ago I found a pair of sunglasses (exactly like the one’s pictured) at Winners for $15 and I’ve completely worn them out. I’ve even looked for an expensive replica pair but haven’t found any that fit my face or look nice on me. So, of course I bought as many as I saw on the rack that looked exactly like mine! That was only two pairs however, so I had to find another wonky pair that would fit my weird face, so I bought a black pair that looks just okay.


I usually buy all of my work out wear at Winners because they’re nice yet the price is so right. This Adidas sports tank was $16.99.


Above is a shot of my two Nautica beach towels that were purchased for $14.99 each, and boy are they ever huge — 6 feet tall and I’m not quite sure of the width, but you can kind of see for yourself there. Aren’t they just so nice and summery? I love the greens and I usually never go for green because I just don’t like the color, normally. They’re really great quality too, nice and thick. I may not even use these for the beach and just use it for everyday showering. Oohh new towels make me so happy.

As a surprise when we were lining up at the cash register I jokingly asked my Mom if she could pay for one of the three items (1 of 2 towels or sport tank) and she didn’t say anything and then purchased all of them for me. Awesome, thanks Momma.

Below are closeups of my 3 backup pairs of shades — which were again, purchased from a different store that I told you about above.


I can’t wait until lunch time. I bought a ceasar salad at the grocery store this morning and my mouth is totally watering just thinking about it. 1 more hour!!

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  1. Ooooh! I have to hit up Winners for some workout gear! That’s such a great idea! I always forget about it because it’s on the edge of town. But it really is great for quality stuff at a decent price.

    12 hours sleep sounds phenomenal. Hope you’re decompressing from your trip okay :)

  2. Love the towels!

    I bought a pair of work out pants @ Winners a few months ago. Unfortunately, they keep falling off when I run :( ugh! So i’m on a hunt for a new pair.

    12 hours of sleep sounds sooooo good right now! Haha. I’m totally working from 9am-5pm then 7pm-11pm….NO TIME to do anything! *sigh*

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