Must see movies, you haven’t seen?

Before going to the theater, boyfriend and I always check out Rotten Tomatoes before going to see a flick. It has to get over 65% in order for us to put our money into it.

So, I’d like to know what are some of the movies you all just recently watched (and enjoyed)? Doesn’t have to be new releases at all. But this past weekend I saw Gran Torino, (77%) and Slumdog Millionaire (received a whopping 94%). I haven’t watched many Clint Eastwood movies, even though Eastwood is my boyfriends favorite actor—such as Dirty Harry movies. I just didn’t feel like I was into his films to be honest. Not really a Western fan. I wasn’t that interested in seeing Gran Torino even! But, I’ve gotta say I loved Eastwood’s acting in that film. I loved his grunting anger directed at basically everyone but his own dog. I laughed really loud and hard at some points, (and got poked for laughing too hard hehe) mainly because I  have never did see Clint act in that way (Apparently he acts quite similar in Million Dollar Baby—Haven’t seen that movie either. Whoops.) however boyfriend felt that the acting on the other parts, lacked a bit. I agree.

Slumdog Millionaire? We went because it got rave reviews, and everyone was totally raving about how great it was. Well, I did enjoy it. Just not as much as I thought I would have, mainly because I think it was too hyped up? Not my type of film? I’m not one to watch a movie over and over again, and this for sure will not be on my list to re-watch. Just … eh. I don’t know what to think of it. I don’t really want to go into detail, in case you haven’t watched it yet. The story was ok, just not my type of movie you know? That’s okay too.

I really want to go on a renting–movie–rampage. I haven’t seen a lot of so–called awesome films. The Fight Club, Million Dollar Baby, The Godfather.  I know there’s other must–see movies, that have yet to be seen with my eyessssss. Rawwr, I feel so left out! haha.

I want to see Taken. I think that’s what it’s called? Where Neeson (or whatever is name is) has this  college age daughter who was abducted by some crazies while on vacation with her cousin/friend. I love thrillers like that.

Any recommendations?

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