How–to: Tying scarves

I don’t know how to tie scarves. Well, I mean I do! But not short ones like I am wearing in the photo below. My BFF showed me a few years ago how to do that loop de loop through for long scarves:fold in half and tuck through. I was looking at amazing soft scarves in Toronto today. They were kinda short. I could only tie it like I was about to tie a bow (The beginning of it, you know?)

I don’t think it looks nice. Is there a different way you tie it?

Anyway…  isn’t this whole outfit nice? I’ll wait til it all goes on sale, and then buy it all online. lol

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  1. Well…scarves are awesome. There’s a few different ways I do mine, I do the half fold and put through the loop, I do the short neck scarf and tie it like the flight attendants used to do using the Girl Guide method I was taught, left over right and through, then right over left and through, nice tight little knot that I put to the side :) And then my big winter scarf that’s really long, I loop around my neck once and then tie a quick knot at the front. See told you I love scarves….he he.

  2. lol Christa – I wonder if there are any YouTube tutorials out there that will show me. I cannot understand how you tie your scarves. I need to see! I’m a bad Girl Guide … I always got my Mom to do it for me, haha.

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