Spring breeeakkk

I’m on SPRING BREAK now! Before I go out and have a ton of fun, I’m going to be catching up on a lot of school work. I had a meeting with my teacher today, he told me that I’m doing fabulous on the computer, but I just don’t focus well, and I’m subliminaly stressed. Interesting. But I’m pretty sure it’s true.

I had my two week check-up, with my dental surgeon today. My gums are healing fine. It’s just that I still have these earaches, so he recommended me to my old ENT Doctor. I had troubles with fluid in my ear drums as a kid, so the infections are coming back and have been bothering me for two weeks now. Yes, of course it’s a result of the wisdom’s being removed, but it’s not supposed to be this on-going. I have an appointment with the ENT next week, so that’ll be awesome. Hopefully soon I can get my ears back to normal. It sucks, because it hurts so bad that every single day after classes and sometimes during lunch, I take naps to cure it. But naps never do cure it. Neither does Advil anymore. I don’t know. It’s just getting on my nerves.

I think I’m going to take a power nap, then get some supper and head up to the climbing gym. The day after the competition I put up a boulder problem. I haven’t finished it yet, cause it’s kind of sketchy and around the corner. A lot of people seem to like it though, it’s like a V2 or V3. Wee! Alright, super headache. Nap time!

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