Midterms are back

We got out math midterms back, and I got an 80% I thought I would have gotten 90 or higher, but I made the most STUPIDEST mistakes evahhgrr. I got 4 marks docked off, because on 4 answers, I put the decimal in the wrong place. I’m a tard. That’s okay, I’m please with my 80. So, I worked out today, and we pushed ourselves harder this time. Man, I wanted to stop on the 3rd set of runs, so I took a break, and Faron (the trainer dude) was like, “Don’t stop, don’t let me lap you” and of course, the competitiveness inside me, told me to take off and run. So I did. I love being pushed harder though, makes me feel so much better in the end. The 10lbs in each hand are starting to get lighter each day. He told me, that now I should start doing pushups. I can’t do them. Though, I haven’t tried in a while, so I don’t know. But ugh.. I really don’t want to do them :)

Matthew Good is coming to town during Mardi Gras. That’ll be awesome. I may head down, if I can get people to go. I’ve never seen him live before.

Hmm, I’m thinking of bringing in some new people to climb at the gym tomorrow. I’m also hoping to ask someone else to go ;) that’s if I can get in touch with ’em. Lets hope so. It’s so exciting. Anyway, I must go do a little homework. Later.

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