Why Reverse Pyschology Works

Hey guys! I’m back from my amazing wonderful weekend at BlissDom. Can’t wait to recap it all for you tomorrow!

The fiasco of my payless shoes vs Michael Kors pumps didn’t stop last weekend. It kept going. Oh yes, it did.

Leanne spotted my YSL glossy stain on a picture I tweeted out a few days before we met up again to go shopping in Toronto.

She mentioned that she too, wanted to try out the luxurious YSL product. I warned her that the lighter ones weren’t the best and she should stick to a darker out-of-her-comfort zone colour. We popped into the Bloor Street location of Sephora and immediately asked for assistance, since we’re both pretty unsure of what colours would suit her best. The Sephora rep picked out #23 Fuchsia Cubiste. Leanne picked up her colour and then we started browsing around with no intention to buy anything else.

The sephora rep came back to us and told me she needed to put some eye shadow on me and that I was going to love it so much I’d buy it today.

I thought to myself… hmm, you’re sure of that are you, lady? Well I’m not sure I will buy it to be honest because I never wear eye shadow. She told me I had the most beautiful blue eyes and I needed to play them up.

We walked over to one of the aisles and she swirled her magical brush into this baked Terracotta eye shadow by Laura Mercier and went to down on my lids. She asked me to look up and put some more colour down by my lower lashes. It tickeled, so I kept walking backwards and blinking as she was applying it. No biggie.applying eyeshadow

I opened my eyes and gave Leanne a side-eye questionable smirk. The sephora rep jogged over to another section of the store and told me to stay where I was. I needed eye liner. Back she came with a beautiful Estee Lauder liner in bronze.  I looked in the mirror, thanked her and whispered to Leanne that it was way too bold for my liking. But Leanne assured me it was a nice look and added a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to my face. Okay, I’m comfortable with it, I suppose. smiling in sephora

I hope she sanitized it all. Guess I’ll know in a few days if I have pink eye or not, I said to myself (thankfully nothing went wrong with my eye balls).

I thought we were done at this point. Sephora rep’s don’t work on commission, so she must’ve really taken a liking to us because she wasn’t finished with my face yet. And asked if she could apply some blush/brozer. I think it was by Dior, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

I felt her apply the colour onto my cheeks. It took a really long time, I thought. She must just be blending it really well into my skin, I thought. It felt like it was going everywhere from my lips to my ears, and everywhere in-between. What is she doing?

Ta-da! I look at Leanne and she grins. I go look into the mirror and I’m utterly shocked, but not speechless. I felt like the Sephora person was trying to uglyify me (jokes). But she (Sephora rep) nodded, smiled and said; It looks great right?

I honest to God, felt like this woman. (source)

I made a confused face, tilted my head sideways and said. Ehhh. Wow. No. I actually hate it It looks horrible. I really need to take this off.

How does this happen to me? I didn’t suggest I was interested in any of these products nor did I pick up anything and look at it. I did not want to be tempted by Sephora that day. Reverse psychology works on me WAY better than telling me I’ll probably do something. I’ll guarantee I’ll do the opposite only because you think I’ll buy that eye shadow from you. I have the brain of a 13 year old pre-teen who decides to rebel against her parents, with this sephora rep. Missus loved my eyes, it was laughable.

Thankfully most of the blush/bronzer came off my face with a tissue that she rubbed over my face. I have to admit though, all day I felt like I was going on a date-night with the boyf. Except I was day shopping with Leanne.

I definitely didn’t mind the colours she used on me, but I definitely wasn’t used to it. Perhaps one day I’ll go back and try that baked eye shadow :)

We kept walking around Yorkvillle and I spotted a very fancy Lambo in matte purple, right outside the Kate Spade store. I only know this cars make, because I BBM’ed the photo to the Boyf and he wrote back Holy Crap. Lamborghini Gallardo?Lambo in Yorkville

At that point we were starved and decided to grab some grub at Jack Astor’s. sunnies

Leanne taking photos, for her blog post. Leanne taking pics of food

Ditto on that.

P.S. I hate onions.jack astors no onions

Waiting for the tasty food to come our way. posing at Jack Astors

By the way, I don’t use a fork and knife or napkins. I eat with my face. jack astors

We then took the subway down to the Eaton Centre and that’s when the shenanigans began at Browns Shoes. leanne and nancy at subwayWhat is your favourite thing to order at a restaurant?

Onions or no onions?

Do you wear eye shadow?

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It’s Friday the 13th you know. I’m not really superstitious, because if I was I’d be a much more anxious/worried person than I already am. But first, my outfits of the work week.


Crossing a black cats path? How about I just avoid cats altogether because cats in general freak me the F out.  Even talking about them makes me sweat. Yet somehow I always get talked into looking after friends/family members houses (which are usually filled with more than one cat and no dogs). Why can’t dog people ask me to house sit?

Find a penny and pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck. Did you ever really have good luck picking up that penny? I always sang that little tune but I never did have anything spectacular stand out to me on those particular days. Now those days are getting far and few between since… well, Canadians don’t manufacture pennies any more.

Walking under ladders. Who would truly walk under a ladder anyway? I walk under scaffolding a lot when there’s construction going on, but not ladders. Those are small, and flimsy and may collapse!

A Rabbits Foot Will Bring You Luck. Don’t call PETA on me, but I remember my brother having a key chain with a dead rabbits foot on it at one point during our childhood. I never wanted one since I thought it was disgusting, but conveniently enough I was the luckier kid out of the two of us. I would always find money on the ground (I actually found a 50 euro note in Ireland while I was with my Brother!), or have better luck with ordinary day stuff.

Although, I do like to make a wish on a chicken wish bone,  don’t like to open umbrellas inside, and I knock on wood quite a bit. Always have and if there isn’t any wood around I knock on my head.

I’m pretty excited for this weekend. I’m driving to Toronto for a Make Up For Ever event at the Eaton Centre tomorrow. Then shortly after that I’m going to finally meet Leanne from Fresh Season, Erica from Waste My Time and a few other girls that I’ve hung out with before. We’ll be dining in one of my favorite parts of Toronto,  Yorkville for some food and just enjoying our time together.

Are you superstitious?

What are your plans this weekend?

Have you ever met someone from the internet?

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