Vitamin talk

A few weeks ago I asked you guys to come up with some FAQ questions you’ve been DYING to know about me. Looks as though only one person really wanted to know anything about me. That’s cool, makes it easier to answer! haha. So I’m breaking them all up into segments and different blog posts.

First question:

Candi asks: Do you take vitamins? I know what works for you might not work for me but I always wonder because doctors don’t know everything and many times I had been given bad advice. Is there anything you cannot get through the day without taking?

My answer:

I actually don’t take any vitamins at all. I know I should be planning for my future. My Boyfriend takes a few in the morning, and some more vitamins at night — so he’s always suggesting I also do. But I’m so forgetful, which is no excuse. I really need B12 and Iron supplements, which I took for a few months at a time but they’re so hard on my body (especially the iron). I’ll have to start incorporating more into my routine. If I did start taking them today for instance, I would take:

  • B12 (1,000mcg)
  • Iron (palfer is the brand – but I usually get the “store brand” since it’s roughly $6.00 cheaper)
  • Vitamin D (great for your blood, and bones and immune system!)
  • Vitamin C (helps tissue + bones grow and repair itself, and it’s great to take to prevent *and treat* the common cold)

I don’t eat a lot of red meat (no beef or steaks + rarely hamburgers). I wasn’t, and still am not anaemic. But I was “dangerously low” in iron, a few years ago when I got a check-up with my family doctor.

I also drink a lot of milk (think two large starbucks mug’s full, or a beer pint) with my supper each night. I love milk with my meals, and I’m so glad my body is still fine with it. I know a lot of women cannot digest it when they’re older.

Do you take any daily vitamins?

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