Tubbs Romp To Stomp, Blue Mountain Ontario

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The boyfriend and I had one absolutely incredible day at Blue Mountain scenic caves yesterday, all thanks to my cousin Natalie who invited us to attend in the Tubb’s Romp To Stomp snowshoe event. I have a massive amount of photos to post, it was so difficult to narrow them down. Just wanted to show you how amazing it was there.

Romp-To-Stomp-000I hadn’t worn snow shoes since I was in grade school and back then we had massive heavy tennis racquet like things strapped to our feet. I remember it being difficult. So I had no idea how to put on these new devices. I borrowed mine from Tubb’s, and the Boyfriend received a free pair from Tubbs, (thanks to Natalie for hooking him up).

Romp-To-Stomp-002Keeping leg warmers in style. My legs were super toasty since I had wool socks up to my knees, thick leggings from Mondetta, and then leg warmers.

We had the absolute picture perfect day for Romp to Stomp. So sunny, not a gust of wind and freshly fallen snow after Friday’s 30-35cm snow storm which hit a lot of Southern Ontario. Great conditions for a 5k walk in the park ;)           Romp-To-Stomp-003I wasn’t sure how many people to expect, and was pleasantly surprised at the number of people in snow shoes waiting to start!

Romp-To-Stomp-006Romp To Stomp brought out so many fun people. I was smiling throughout the whole walk with people carrying on and being funny. I mean, check out their fun dress-up gear everyone was wearing. Loads of feather boa’s, boobie scarves, tutu’s and bras outside of their clothing. Plus, there were volunteers every few hundred meters with Romp To Stomp signs and keeping us all motivated to finish the walk.

Romp-To-Stomp-009This was only the 5k walkers. Not including the 3k race, or 3k walkers!

RompToStomp-003The boyfriend reveals himself from his internet animosity to showcase he was truly there with his Tubbs snowshoe’s. Ha!

Romp-To-Stomp-0010I swear this is a little downhill. You can’t tell in the photo, but I was scared —thus holding onto the tree to help me down this decent. Believe it or not it’s easier going uphill in snowshoes.

Romp-To-Stomp-005The walk seemed longer than 5k. At the halfway mark I thought we were done. Oops. Walking in snowshoes clearly isn’t as fast as a 5k running race. So, I decided to break out in a little dance for everyone. Just kidding I was completely falling on my butt here and The Boyf took the photo mid-fall.

RompToStomp-002I wasn’t left out though, other’s also had a difficult time with the snowshoes. Woman down! Part way through the trail, we had to go on a suspension bridge. I smiled through my tears, promise. Just kidding. No tears were shed. Thankfully I’m not afraid of heights but imagine if some people were? The walk across the suspension bridge worked out well, until someone started jumping on it and terrifying me. It was swaying so much I literally had to hold onto the hand rails.

Romp-To-Stomp-007Awesome snowshoe signs everywhere on the trail.

Romp-To-Stomp-008I let the Boyfriend be the photographer-extraordinaire shortly after. I didn’t want to bail on my ass again and ruin my camera.

Romp-To-Stomp-004Look how sunny and bright it was on the trail! Like I said, a very picture-perfect day.

Romp-To-Stomp-0013Posin’ for photos!

Romp-To-Stomp-006Getting ready for the last ‘climb’.

Romp-To-Stomp-0018The last part of the trail was the hilliest, but we managed! Here I am coming across the finish line. I think it ended up taking us the better part of an hour and a half due to all the stopping for photos and just admiring the views from the mountain.

RompToStomp-001A total of over $40,000 was raised for the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation at yesterday’s event. Afterwards, participants were given out snacks from the Maple Lodge Farms crew that were there with the huge trailer. My chicken hot dog was wolfed down.

Also spotted my cousin Natalie! Natalie the event planner, Nancy the event attender.RompToStomp-004

RompToStomp-005Upon waiting for our shuttle back to our vehicles, we were greeting with loot bags! Loved how they even have personalized Romp To Stomp pink bags. Not only that, I spotted my favorite snack in the entire world in there. Popcorn from Kernels. No joke. I’ve said it before on the blog. But when the Boyf goes away for work, I sometimes have popcorn for supper.

I want to thank eventSing and Tubbs for hooking us up to attend Romp To Stomp in Collingwood, which benefited the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Tubbs-Journey-SnowshoesI will be putting another blog post up about the Tubbs Journey snowshoes The Boyf received. We literally had zero accumulation of snow until the weekend of Romp To Stomp, and the event was the first time he wore them for more than 10 minutes.  Stay tuned for that.

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Tubbs Romp to Stomp

snow shoesThe first and only time I ever snowshoed was in grade six for a school event. That was way back in the day when they used the snow shoes that looked like tennis racquets. I never really had the opportunity to go again, nor have I really thought about it as an outdoor sport during the winter. Whenever I think of winter sports, I think of downhill or cross-country skiing, snowboarding or sliding down a hill.

tubbs-snowshoesBeing the naive person that I am, I thought that snow shoes were still made out of wood, until one time I went to an outdoor adventure store a few years ago asking my boyfriend: what is that?!  Boy, have the snow shoes come a long way!

My cousin Natalie who works at eventSing hooked me up for this wonderful fundraiser in Collingwood which is happening in February, and eventSing promotions inc is supporting Tubbs Romp to Stomp event. Ten years ago, Tubbs Snowshoes created the Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series®. It’s a 3k snowshoe race, or a 3k/5k snowshoe walk for men, women and kids.

2013-registration-now-openThere’s even some pretty great prices for the top racers, fundraisers and best dressed team. If you’re interested in going, you can sign up on their website. All the links will be at the bottom of the blog post.

I’ve been invited to go along with the boyfriend! We’re going to make the drive up to Collingwood the morning of and do the 5km walk together. I can’t wait to take some photos and blog about it after the fact! I’m super excited to get out there and enjoy the crisp winter’s day in February. So much to look forward to this winter.

Stay active my friends!

More information on Tubbs Romp to Stomp website, twitter and facebook.

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