Hope I don’t kill it

Being an artistic creative person, working in the arts and graphic design my whole life — you’d think I’d be alright in keeping plants alive and nurtured too, right? Well. I’m not. I’ve killed every plant I have ever owned. So I decided to stop letting things die in my hands and give myself a few years break, and start looking after a dog instead.

Pom, Pomeranian, #Pom, #Pomeranian, #DogsOfInstagram, Alfie the PomThis smiling squirt’s name is Alfie, in case you didn’t know. He’s almost 5, and definitely not dead. Jeeze you guys this is getting morbid. So now that The Guy and I have kept Alfie fed and hydrated — I thought I’d take another shot at a plant. Like I can compare the two. See? Ridiculous.

Jessica invited me along to go to a smoothie place that just opened in Los Altos, I’ll talk about that at another time. Delicious by the way. After our drinks were in our tummies, we walked around down town a bit more and popped into The Botanist, where I purchased an air plant called a Tillandsia Andreana. Tillandsia-Andreana

I’ll never remember that, it was written on my receipt — I don’t even know how to pronounce it. Thankfully, it requires very little watering in fact — just a light misting every 7-10 days, and it doesn’t sit in soil. See? It’s a funny little thing.

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