Summer rain

I absolutely love not having weekend plans, where I can just sleep in and eat a late breakfast brunch and relax. I have no chores to do since I did them all on Thursday evening.

I made myself some egg muffins, a sweet potato which I cooked in the microwave for 7 minutes (pierced) and two small peaches from the farmers market with a big starbucks mug filled with water.

Right now a big ol’ rain storm is coming through and I’m here in my PJs watching it. Have to unplug all the electronics shortly.

I just gave Alfie another hair cut. His hair grows like wildfire and needs it cut about once a month to maintain his image ;) Alfie smiles

He’s checking it out for himself.Alfie admiring his haircut I wonder if he approves of the layers I cut with the blunt crayola scissors. I was going to trim his nails because I can hear them clacking on the floor again when he walks. But I lost the tool. Lucky him. I feel so bad when I tell him it’s time to clip his nails. He hates those words and cowers on the floor waiting for me to pick him up and bring him out on the balcony where I cut them.

Hope you have a great Saturday afternoon!

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