I’m going paleo

That’s right you guys. I’m jumping on that gosh-forsaken bandwagon and going strict paleo for 30 days starting on April 7.

What the hell is paleo? I wrote about it on my blog last week.

I signed up at my local CrossFit box on Monday and my hands started shaking as soon as I finished writing my name down. My reaction to starting this challenge:Scared. Ha ha!

I’ll try my best to document everything on the blog, that I’m eating. I’ve already made a little binder with what my meals will be throughout the days with a little box for my workouts on the side.

This paleo challenge is not for anyone but me. I’ve never been on a “diet” of any sort before. I know Paleo isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle, blha blah blah. Anything that limits what you’re allowed and not allowed to eat, is considered a diet in my mind.

Last year I was going to sign up but I chickened out because I knew I’d fail. I knew I wasn’t in the right mindset to give up 3 scoops of sugar in my tea, or give up my lunch time sandwiches. This year, I’m all for it — a little scared of how I’m going to do but I’m definitely ready.

Saturday I’m sitting down at my CrossFit box and sitting in on a 3 HOUR seminar on why “should” choose paleo, why it’s so great and whatnot.

I personally don’t believe in cutting out food groups like dairy and wheat, but hey — I think if I start documenting my food intake, I can really see what I’m putting into my body. Because right now I have no idea what my starch, or sugar intake really is and I’m taking a blind side to it all. I know I’m an unhealthy eater right now and I want to change that. I think starting fresh will make my stomach feel much better, and hopefully a little more toned than what it is right now.

Good bye McDonalds, good bye cheese and nightly glasses of milk with my supper I will miss you. So long Swisher Sweets ( Don’t know why I said that… I don’t smoke).

See you on my Birthday… Ha, suckers! Paleo challenge ends on May 7th, being my BIRTHDAY. I’m so excited.

Please share your (uncomplicated) paleo recipes below. I’m a doofus in the kitchen sometimes.

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