Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Sephora Style

Sephora-Style-headerWe still have a few days left before Christmas. In case any of you guys need some last minute gift ideas, or stocking stuffer ideas. Some of these might be a bit too big to fit in a stocking (unless you’re awesome and have one of those huge knitted one’s that expand and fit everything. And clearly, everyone’s budgets are different so there’s a variety in here for my stocking stuffer ideas post!

I did an unboxing on Snapchat of this huge Sephora box that came to me in the mail late last week. I was in such shock. PR parcels never get old in this household and I’m always like a kid at Christmas where I truly appreciate working with such amazing brands. And I cannot get over the fact that I’m now working with Sephora. This. Is. Unreal to me. I am sensing a theme here when it comes to Sephora’s holiday launches, a lot of gold! Definitely appealing to my eye, as I love a good bitta’ gold and red come Christmas. L’ets get right to it, shall we?

Stand up and shine prestige pro brush

stand up and shine brush setSephora Collection Stand Up and Shine Prestige Pro Brush Set| $99. Mixed glittery metals on the outside, but all-gold brushes on the inside. This is on sale, too! So buy it up, friends. It also comes with a makeup bag on the left-side too, look!

Sephora gold flatlaySephora Collection Sparkle & Shine Dual Boar Brush $9. | Objects of my perfection bag $10. | Sephora Collection Sparkle & Shine Classic Mini Multitasker Brush $14. Travel hair brushes, with a travel makeup brush and travel bag all in gold detailing.

Sephora Collection Kissin UpSephora Collection Kissin’ Up Lip Gloss Set| $19. Split it up into a few gifts for friends, or give as one. You have 18 lipglosses to choose from!

Formula X - X In The CityFormula X – X In The City| $36.50 for 10 mini nail polishes (working out to be about $3.60 a bottle. Formula X is a high end brand when it comes to polish, so the cost of this is really decent!

Sephora Collection Glitter Happy Brush SetSephora Collection Glitter Happy Brush Set| $85. This is certainly a brush set upgrade for me, considering I have a handful of broken brushes on hand that I continue to use. Plus, who doesn’t love white, and gold together?

House of Lashes Lash Story

House of Lashes Lash Story openHouse of Lashes Lash Story| $125. Everything from the lashes, to the comfort of the eyelash strip down to the glue, these are a popular product amongst many.

Sephora lipsticks The Mini TeamSephora Collection The Mini Team: Rouge Cream & Shine Lipstick Set| $22. 6 mini rouge cream and rouge shine lip colours in a diverse amount of shades from a fuchsia, a plum, a red and a nude.

Sephora Colour Wonderland

Sephora Colour Wonderland openSephora Collection Colour Wonder eyeshadow palette| $59. This is a huge box of eyeshadows. On one side there’s entirely neturals, and on the right there’s tons of playful and totalyl wearable shades.

Play by Sephora| $10.  A beauty Sephora subscription box (that I’ve done a few YouTube videos about) that is curated with 5 deluxe samples each month with an additional perfume sample and cloth draw-string bag.

Hopefully you pulled a few little ideas from my post today — and good luck shopping! Merry Christmas all :)

Disclaimer: As I stated in the intro of this blog post, Sephora sent me a wicked awesome PR parcel where I jumped up and down and all I could say was omg omg…. see?

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Mickey Mouse is hiding

Last weekend I was browsing through the Restoration Hardware catalogue that comes to our apartment every few months. I remember hearing about that store from my interior decorator neighbour back home in Newfoundland, literally ten or more years ago. That store was something I had always admired, and always aspired my house to look like “when I grew up”. I finally had the chance to step inside a Restoration Hardware store when I went to San Diego California two summers ago with a few girls. I bought two very large bath sheets.

Years later, I still get the catalogue and continue to flick through them to this day. Their stuff is crazy expensive, but it doesn’t stop me from admiring from afar.

One thing that caught my eye was their advertised Christmas stocking made with faux fur. Can you believe that the Boyfriend and I don’t have our own stockings for one another? I think that ought to change this year.

I have these one’s picked out from the store. If only we had a fireplace that Santa could get down in…

Anyhoodle. Stockings are my most favorite part of opening Christmas presents. Here are a few of my favorite items that I would normally find in mine:

  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  • Toothbrush
  • EOS lip balm
  • A nice juicy ripe apple
  • Socks ‘n underwear
  • Deodorant
  • Small games/gadgets
  • Candy

To save you the trouble of going out and buying all your stocking stuffers this year —I’ll help you with one of the items listed. This is EOS’ first ever branded collaboration.

It’s a limited edition EOS lip balm inspired by Disney’s Alice in Wonderland!

You’ll notice that the design has a “Hidden” Mickey Mouse head imprint on the Smooth Spheres. Its packaging is  sophisticated, yet whimsical and playful.

EOS is one of my top favorite lip balms to use. I currently have a lighter pink one (strawberry shortcake I think) sitting at my desk as we speak.

Fun fact: Did you know Mickey Mouse just had his birthday this month? I asked the talented Barb, if I could use her fun illustration on my website to showcase his birthday and thankfully she agreed. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram (dearbarbz) for more amazing drawings. She is so talented.  It’s unreal. I actually save a few of her drawings for inspiration, since I’m a Graphic Designer. Love her stuff.

Five people will be winning a set of the two eos smooth sphere’s shown above. Just enter your information in the rafflecopter below.

Contest is open only to Canadians.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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