Where is Summer?

Who knew that here in Ontario I’d be wearing full fledged warm up jackets for working out well into June? Where is the scorching weather, Mother Nature? I moved from Newfoundland to Ontario to get away from the damp cold springs.

Well guess the weather waited a bit while I got to wear my new jacket for a few weeks at least. It’s the perfect time to add in that I’ve been wearing this sweet Under Armour jacket from Sport Chek.

Outfit deets: black Under Armour Studio Lux Jacket, GAP leggings and Reebok Nano sneakers. Now before inquiring minds ask, I received the Under Armour jacket from my Sport Chek friends, as I’m still part of the My Better Campaign. Under-Armour-jacket

I’m probably the only person who is this excited about thumb loops.  Genuine smiles right there folks. thumb-loops

The quality of the jacket is so luxe. It’s thicker than my all-time favorite warmup jacket by bright pink MPG, and thicker than the zip up jacket from Costco. I suppose it’s thicker and higher quality than the latter because it retails for $99 Canadian. under-armour-warmupjacket

I’ve recently purged my entire wardrobe and have kept a lot of stuff, sure — hey I’m female. But definitely kept in mind what makes me feel good and what I enjoy wearing. This being one of the few warm up jackets I bring with me to CrossFit.The jacket can be worn as a workout top or on a casual day with jeans. Here I am zipping it up. Careful not to expose myself to you.  zip-up-under-armour

I should start adding in my (many) blooper pictures. I think that adds a little interest to the blog posts. Keeps it true. blooper-pic It washes up well too. I’ve had the jacket since mid-May and had to wash it more than once due to the fact that I sweated in it many times. I don’t put anything in the dyer besides underwear and socks, so I have no idea if it shrinks. But I’d advise you not to put it in the dryer if you were worried. And so far? No pilling up — I hate it when clothing does that.

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The challenges I’m hitting lately…

I can’t believe it’s Thursday. I thought it was Wednesday and the week is just flying by. I’m feeling stronger than ever at CrossFit and I’m not being a wussy when it comes to the WODs. I’m givn’er and lifting heavier! Guess that month off was successful for my muscle building and now I’m just getting better.

50daypushI’m going to end up starting the push up challenge again shortly. I don’t know what’s stopping me from even starting but I’m planning on it in the foreseeable future. Ha! How’s that for a vague answer. I ended up doing the 50 day push up challenge on my knees last time, and next I want to start doing them off my toes. Elbows in. The “tough” way! I saw a vast improvement on my performance at CrossFit when I did them, so I want to keep that level up.

Lately I’ve been like a starving horse. Feeling very hungry at work, and I figure that I really need to start bringing much more snacks in with me, to work so I’m not going to a vending machine or eating my emergency candy. Yes, I have a secret stash at work. Shh. The Boyf doesn’t know, but I’m sure it doesn’t surprise him. It’s dwindling. The candy stash, not our relationship lol….uh.

boyf and iHere’s a random photo of us in the elevator.  Just because this post is lacking some visuals ;) Totally broke that BlackBerry case awhile ago. On case # 3 now. Oops. Hey, at least I’m not on BlackBerry #3 right?

Want to see something cool that SportChek shared with me the other day via e-mail? Check out this video

Think that’s going to be the way retailers shop, in the future? Pretty wild right?  In fact, if you’re in the Toronto area, this store is actually opened as of last week and it’s located at 2529 Younge Street. I google mapped the location and it’s 7km north of the Eaton Centre to put it in perspective. Hop on a subway and you’re there in minutes.

Neat features of the Retail Lab:

  • Tile, Tablet, Touch and NFC Screens:  With 140 digital screens installed throughout the store, it features Samsung displays with ultra-thin borders, touch technology and near-field-communication (NFC) capabilities allowing for personalized content and greater customer interaction with merchandise.
  • Shoe Wall Innovation: adidas has installed its first permanent digital shoe wall in Canada; Nike has installed its first Nike Shoe VJ Experience in the world; and Reebok has installed a customized, ‘build your own Reebook’ kiosk.  
  • Medical Motion Dynamic Gait Analysis: Customers walk or run on a gait analysis treadmill, while being monitored by trained Sport Chek associates who can then recommend the perfect shoe.

What has everyone been doing to strive for YOUR better? What challenges are you hitting? Tell me in the comments. I’m sure it’s difficult getting into a routine again after the nice Christmas holiday break. Sure was for me – you guys know I took a month off for no real reason. I just did. I suppose my body secretly needed it, and I listened to it. Now I’m feeling a ton better, especially now that I’m taking vitamins and exercising more.

Oh oh! Don’t forget to submit your Triple F Friday posts to me by tonight’s end! Just shoot me an e-mail to spiffykerms@gmail.com. Just include any of the following:
  • Your name
  • Your URL, if you have a blog
  • Description of you being Fun, Fit or Fashionable
  • A photo, which is optional of course

See ya tomorrow for the last post of the week! :)

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