Sock bun tutorial

Dude. You guys.

I mastered the sock bun. I’ve seen it on YouTube for the past year or so, and I’ve just never tried it because I thought I didn’t have enough hair to cover the bun, or that it wouldn’t work in my hair. Don’t be fooled. You can do it too.

Boy oh boy! It looks great and I’ve been wearing it like this a few times per week. It’s so easy, and it’s so put together.

I ended up filming a tutorial on how to do it. It’s just three minutes long, and it’s mostly me rambling on. It’s honestly really quick. See?

(If you cannot see the video, click here to view it on YouTube)

I was even feeling so daring that evening, when I first learned how to do it — that I started playing with other styles. I tried french braiding my hair and it was really difficult because my hair is silky (jealous? lol) and hard to work with. Maybe I need second-day hair and a little more texture in order to keep my hair in place.

A lil’ grease won’t hurt, if ya know what I mean.

Are you adventurous with your hair? I rarely do any changes to mine. Pony tail, or straight down. But now I’ve got options, ha!

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If only Dixie Road were a sea of Dixie Cup ice cream

It feels as if I haven’t blogged in a week. That’s how much of a relaxing weekend I had, unplugged. I hope everyone is enjoying their day off today. I certainly am!

My weekend was filled with movies, couch time, mastering the sock bun, organizing makeup, getting my OOTWW together, browsing pandora charms online, and dog walks.

(An instagram pic. Follow me: @spiffykerms)

A weekend recap with photos will be up. I took an obscene amount of photos this weekend. Guess that’s what happens when I’m home alone and have no one to talk to, ha!

For safety reasons, I didn’t talk about how long my Boyfriend was out of town for. It was almost a total of two weeks! He completed his 4th Ironman Canada and stayed out to hike on the west coast for a few extra days. I finally collected him from the Toronto airport last night, and brought my trusty GPS. I jokingly tweeted that it better not lead me astray. Sure enough, it did. The last ten minutes are the most crucial in getting to the airport since you need to merge off one highway, onto another and keep in some left lane because it forks, and then keep in the right lane, and so on. You catch my drift. It’s complicated to get to it.

I’ve managed to get my way to the airport without the GPS two times in the past. I don’t know why I needed to bring the GPS, but probably just for reassurance since it was nearly midnight.

I listened to the GPS. When I knew it was wrong. Just like last time, when I was lost in Mississauga. I was just 7 minutes away from picking him up, but the GPS took me onto Dixie Road last night. The thing was arguing with me Make a U-Turn, Make a U-Turn. I thought it would eventually sort itself out and tell me the directions from where I was. Finally, after 3km of driving down Dixie, I decided to make that darn U-Turn.

I’m never scared of getting lost. I just get really annoyed at myself. But thankfully it didn’t last long, and my boyfriend was giving me a huge long awaited hug. :)

It was so funny seeing our Pomeranian, Alfie get really excited when he came back into the apartment to greet him. He gets absurdly excited on a daily basis, but when one of us leaves for a few days and returns, he gets hysterical. I should film it some time.

What did you do for your long weekend?

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