Tips to use self-tanner if you’re afraid to dive in

I’m loving self-tanners. I waited until the 2010’s to start diving in, and I’ve been adding a bit of glow to my skin regularly for the past five years. Mainly because “back in the day” the tanners were streaky, a tad orange, and well….still a bit stinky (okay they still are stinky). I didn’t want to dive into a pool of orange streaks. But now that I’ve pretty much have the routine down pat, I thought I’d tell you what I know, so far.

Folks, it’s that final stretch of winter where we can almost see a glimpse of spring. I have a simple self-tanning hack that will bring your spring glow (not summer, ’cause we aren’t getting dark-dark here with this tanner hack).

All you need is a cream or liquid self-tanner (I favour the mousse formulas, but skip this for this tanning-hack), and your daily moisturizer. And gloves. Always wear gloves. That’s it.

Mix a dime sized amount of self-tanner with your moisturizer and apply to your face/neck. Repeat every morning until you start to see a bronzed tint appear, it doesn’t take long (a couple of days) for the colour to build up. Your end results end up being more of a subtle glow, and quite natural looking.

What tanner(s) do I use? I’ve been using these two in combination with one another for a few years: St. Moriz ($12) & Fake Bake Liquid ($32). Wait for an ULTA 20% off sale, and stock up then.

A bonus tip: during the hot summer months, consider storing your self-tanners in the fridge so they don’t go bad as quickly.

Hope this helps!

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St. Moriz vs. St. Tropez

Alright. Change of plans folks!

Remember when I did a how to use at home self tanner post a few months back? I said my all time favorite self-tanner was a very expensive bottle of St. Tropez. You can get it at Sephora, but I have no idea where else you can purchase it. I think certain spa’s in Toronto carry it.

Well my friend, after going through three bottles of St. Tropez between 2011-2012, I have a much more inexpensive alternative. Wait. It’s not even an alternative. It’s way better and way cheaper. I purchased it for $5.00 on ebay from the seller beautybargins4u. I know that sounds absolutely crazy, swapping out a $50 bottle of St. Tropez for a $5 bottle of St. Moriz. Haha love the names of them, don’t you? They’re always St-something or others.

Why St. Moriz better:

  • It’s $45 cheaper
  • It has more of an olive based (though I admit, St. Tropez has an olived toned to it as well)
  • St. Moriz doesn’t smell as strong
  • It lasts just as long, in fact longer
  • It doesn’t wear off patchy (St. Tropez doesn’t either, though)
  • St. Moriz was easier to spread, even though they’re both mousse I felt that the St. Tropez dried up quicker on my skin and had to use more product

The link that I directed you to above, is a seller from the UK. So bare in mind that if you were to purchase it, it may take a while to get to you.

I’ve always gotten questions about whether or not very pale people can use self tanner. Of course you can! I would suggest not using a full pump on each part of your body like I do, to get a super summer dark color. For example, I use one full pump on my lower leg, one full pump on my upper leg, and so on.

Big thanks to Jen for introducing me to St. Moriz! I owe ya.

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