Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts at Santana Row

sROW-HEADERDads are pretty special, and no matter what your Father’s style is, Santana Row will probably suit his needs just fine. Plus he deserves to be treated extra special on Father’s Day. It’ll be a tough one for those who have lost their Father’s. After all, I’m talking about the man who taught me how to ride a bike, how to play catch, and have so much patience with me learning my times table, coming up with songs and silly tunes to easily memorize them. father

But it doesn’t stop me from showcasing some unique, fun, gift ideas for all the father’s out there. There ya have it. Easy as that. My blog post featuring Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts at Santana Row. It’s coming upon us, Father’s Day is on June 19! Let’s get crackin’.

All photos taken by me at Santana Row. 

Classic-Dad1| For the Classic Dad
Shop Makers Market the newest store in Santana Row where local artists selling US Handcrafted goods such as beard oils, genuine leather monogrammed wash bags, wallets and more. Perfect for unique gifts, and supporting local artisans. (Photo: Display at Maker’s Market)

aTHLETIC-dAD2| For the Athletic Dad
Icebreaker Merino store always has great wool athletic wear that you can wear in winter, and summer. Those lightweight merino wool layers are great to throw on for an early-morning bike ride or a nighttime cookout. They have the most comfortable clothes and it’ll be the only extra layer he’ll need come warmer weather. If you’re feeling extra spendy, buy him some workout gear at Lululemon, then upgrade his gym membership for one at The Bay Club in Santana Row! (Photo: Lululemon yoga mats)

TRAVEL-DAD3| For the Travel Dad
If your father is a jet-setter who travels for business a lot, update his carry-on with something new and fresh. These three super sleek carry-on suitcases above are from TUMI.

ARTIST4| For the Artistic Dad
My Dad would’ve loved Maido, especially since he was quite artistic and was an Architect back in the day. It has all sorts of writing utensils, calligraphy supplies, and all the perfect paper for writing, sketching and etching. Any time I pop over to Santana Row, Maido is a must-see to catch up on all their latest items. (Photo: Wide selection of pens at Maido)

coffee-loving5| For the Coffee Loving Dad
Whether it be Peet’s Coffee and Tea, classic ol’ Starbucks, Fantasia Tea Cafe, or Lisa’s Tea Treasures, your Dad will probably love a hot cuppa before he gets his day started. Bring him a freshly brewed tea or coffee and hey — bonus, maybe breakfast in bed too! If he loves espresso as much as I do, take him over to Left Bank Brasserie and order the ice cream dessert. I had it there once, and it came with a shot of espresso to pour over top. Mmm-mmm! (Photo: Menu at Fantasia Tea Cafe)

grill-master6| For the Grill Master Dad
BBQ season has already hit where I live, I can smell the steaks and veggies on the grill almost every evening and it’s simply glorious. Does you Dad need an update to his grilling tools? Maybe some new wine/whiskey glasses? Sur La Table will surly have it all, and Crate & Barrel has a huge selection of outdoor gear to suit your Fathers entertaining needs.

stylish-dad7| For the Stylish Dad
For the sharp dresser there are a variety of stylish men’s shops at Santana Row, with Bonobos, Ted Baker, and Donald J Piliner (for shoes) being my top three choices full of premium clothing and footwear down to the best swagger-inducing socks at Tommy Bahama. (Photo taken of the men’s shirts at Bonobos)

silicon8| For the Silicon Valley Dad
No doubt if your Dad is into tech gadgets and gear, he’s going to enjoy any fun gifts from Best Buy. Garmin watches, fancy drones to fly, and Canon cameras, you name it ∞ it’s all there. 

rugged9| For the Rugged Dad
Hook up your Dad with some new fishing or camping gear from Orvis, then sit on this comfy leather club chair while you wait for him to come back with a nice big catch for supper. What a feed!

10| For the Steak Loving Dad
This one is a total no brainer. LB Steak is an excellent choice for a perfectly cooked steak and it’s a fantastic looking spot inside — treat him this time, for once!

And not to mention, of course gifts don’t have to cost a penny. Gather your kids around and make him something extra special. I love home made gifts from my nephews, and I know Father’s out there would appreciate a sentimental keepsake too.




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Holiday Joys at Santana Row

Santana-Row-HeaderThe Christmas music is playing in our household close to 24/7, whether or not my husband thinks it’s still too early, or not. And this past weekend on Instagram, I posted about my favourite cozy spot. Nothing beats curling up in front of a warm blazing fireplace at my parents house in Newfoundland, with my husband, and family and friends close by, chit-chattering on about nothing and having a grand ol laugh. Guys, Christmas is my favourite. Can’t you tell?

Palm-trees-Santana-RowWhether you’re looking to indulge by buying things for yourself, or going to a holiday party and want to get some hostess gift ideas, surround yourself by browsing around Santana Row. Although, the only time I wish for snow is around Christmas, Santana Row feels so festive with all of the decorations and twinkling lights, especially right before the sun sets.

So today I’m back with another Spiffykerms Holiday Gift Guide, this time at one of my favourite shopping destinations: Santana Row in San Jose.

Alfie-me-Santana-RowA few weeks back they had their annual tree lighting ceremony, which I didn’t end up going to. But I had to make sure I made the visit during the Christmas holiday season to see all the festive lights and Christmas decorations all around the area. My husband, Alfie and I were there for most of the afternoon until sunset this past weekend, so I tried on a bunch of things, added some clothes to my wish-list and generally browsed around snapping photos of gift guide ideas in case you were around the area and wanted to scope it out too.

Kate-Spade-Santana-RowI don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan of Kate Spade accessories.

KateSpadeThe Kate Spade store is always pretty and bright with unique decorations. Check out the polar bear with headphones and the bow-headed lady. I’m in need of a new wallet (as mine is getting a bit tattered), and I think eventually I’ll make my switch to Kate Spade, love the bright pink wallet, and the key-ring that can hold your extra change (or in my case, all the quarters for San Francisco meters).

Splendid-StoreI own one item from Splendid, and if I was working I would have a lot more. Their clothing is so soft, and those PJ’s wrapped up in a cute bundle? I’d like all three of them please. Splendid doesn’t just cater to women, they also have mens and childrens clothing too. How amazing is that succulent wall when you walk right in, too?

Anthro-Santana-RowAnthropologie has always been at the top of my hit-list when shopping in Santana Row. That store is huge, and has an array of boutiquey-feeling kitchen accessories, home decor, and gorgeous articles of clothing. I give myself a shop-here-once-a-year-allowance, and buy one or two things.


Here I am trying on a few things. Ha. As you do.

These gold items are definitely on my Christmas wish-list this year. I’m obsessed with all-gold-everything, and even more so if it’s pineapple shaped. The nesting owl measuring cups would be perfect for a house-warming gift, or even to bring as a thank-you to your hostess when you hit up all those Christmas parties.


Sephora-storeSephora is an all-around fantastic store, because you can buy all sorts of treats for everyone imaginable. Cologne for the men, dry shampoo for anyone, high end makeup, and holiday gift-sets. A few of my favourite picks included the Sephora brow favourites, philosophy purity cleanser, and the Tony Moly blackhead eraser shown on the bottom right (it heats up on its own and is $18! Basically a steal at that price. Sephora-finds

KitAceStoreKit + Ace recently opened up at Sephora, another Canadian store (The owner of Lululemon’s wife created Kit + Ace). It’s a luxury brand for sure, and they make some gorgeous pieces. Soft cashmere sweaters, and unique super soft tees.KitAce

KitAce-itemsThose pompom beanies are a popular hit this year in stores. I’ve been seeing them everywhere – but yet to see them in that hunter green, besides at Kit + Ace. Super cute.

Madewell-tryonMadewell always pulls me into their store. The leathers, the shoes, and the jeans. But this time I tried on some warm and cozy sweaters that have a fun a-symmetrical seam to them. Plus, socks on sale! Love the patterns.

chessTake a break from shopping and sit down with a partner to play a game of chess (or even a huge life-sized game, it was behind me in the photo).

Or pop by Starbucks for a hot drink to warm the bellies and sit down after all that walking around. Starbucks-cupSbux-cup

Ready to keep shopping? How about we pop into Urban Outfitters? They have a great selection of skin care products, not to mention an inexpensive version of Anthropologie-like-clothing (I think they are sister-companies to be honest).UrbanOutfitters

An array of cute necklaces, skincare and Tony Moly (a popular Korean brand of skincare) hand cream for $8 — side note, I scoped the Tony Moly handcream at Sephora, and it was $4 more!Beauty-UrbanOutfitters

Free people is an excellent stop for the bohemian-styled friends, things that I wish I could pull-off easily, but can’t. Instead, I’ll show you a few of my favourite things from the Free People store in Santana Row, their winter hats, and vegan + non-vegan leather goods. The vegan handbag at the bottom right was $48, and was so well constructed AND REVERSIBLE! The clutch I’m holding onto on the top right was $98 and made of the softest leather.FreePeople-items

Around-SantanaRowFor a list of stores and restaurants available, visit Santana Row’s website.

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