My CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 23

I went to CrossFit just three times last week, but it was three days in a row. My triceps are still hurting. What a feeling!

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year 2, week 23, day 1 wodI started off by doing 50 double unders for the first and second round. It slowed me down so I ended up doing single skips on my third & fourth round.


year 2, week 23, day 2 EMOM 15 Full Clean 1-3 @ 50-60% 4-6 @ 60-70% 7-9 @ 70-80% 10-12 @ 80-90% 13-15 @ 90+ Every minute on the minute complete ONE full clean. This is how my weight went: 1 and 2 I used 55lbs 3rd I used 60lbs 4-6 I used 65lbs 7-9 I used 70lbs 10-12 I used 75lbs for the last two I used 85lbs AMRAP 15 7 Halting Dead Lift (Where ever you finished on the Cleans) 14 Push Ups 7 Over Bar Burpees I went up in weight for the halting deadlifts instead of using the 85lbs we finished with. I put 10 more pounds on and used 95lbs for the halting deadlifts. Completed 5 full rounds and in my 6th round I completed all 7 halting deadlifts.  


year 2, week 23, day 3 WOD: 100m run 15 push press I used 55lbs 200m run 10 push press I used 60lbs 400m run 5 push press I used 65lbs 100m run 5 push jerk I used 65lbs 400m run 10 push jerk I used 60lbs 200m run 15 push jerk I used 55lbs 100m run I finished the WOD in 16:17. This workout really pushed me, since I was one of the slower/weaker people in the class this night. I was one of the last people to finish, which makes me work harder because I want to still get a decent time. I was pretty happy with the time I got!

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