Prepping the home for the warmer months

Decorating and getting ready for Fall/Winter is kind of a love/hate for me. For one, Fall is the time of year I really love to layer my clothes and bundle up in cozy knits and tons of texture. I hate wearing shorts or dresses in the summer — I’ve never been one to wear summer clothes. But on the other hand, I’m constantly cold. Right now it’s 11°C/52°F outside and I have on my Newfoundland knitted socks, jeans, a long sleeved top and a zip-up hoody. My hands and feet are still cold. I’m in California here folks, what the heck.

drinking mugI’m drinkin’ up all my tetley tea (having one at this very moment, see above? I just took that picture a few moments ago) and getting ready to write out a meal-plan for the next few days which will most definitely include some hearty warm meals.

So I’m guaranteed I have a buttload of blankets and throws laying around — I should probably stop purchasing so many, but they come in handy! I’ve even been known to add another blanket on top of me in the bed while my husband is just there wrapped in a sheet, feeling overheated.

But all those blankets needed a home. I couldn’t keep piling them in neat folded stacks on the edges of the couch, because the long couch we have was starting to turn into a one-seater. Silly.

Overstock basketsI teamed up with and received a set of 3 well-designed and sturdy rope baskets. In the largest one I keep all the cozy blankets for easy access. You might’ve seen the other two smaller baskets that fit inside on my Instagram feed as some flatlay backdrops here. I always love the look of stylish homes in magazines where they have their living room set up and off to the side of the couch their blankets are draped over this stylish basket. I feel like I’m going to have these baskets for years, it’s incredible how heavy and luxe they feel. I mean, it’d make for a generous housewarming present for a friend, plus Christmas is coming too if you want to put it on your own wishlist.

Alfie in BasketAlfie loves them too.

Overstock rope basketsThat’s how I go about prepping the home for the warmer months, getting out all the fall cushions, the warm fuzzy blankets to curl up in, and making the house look that much more welcoming.

Buy| Cotton Rope Baskets $89.99

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Weekend vibes + dirty diapers

Comin’ atcha for a weekend recap, on a Tuesday.

So, this morning I ended up putting on a pair of jeans, socks, a long sleeved top, and then my new Superdry hoody overtop. My husband looks over at me and says “all those layers?!“. Clearly I’ve become accustomed to the weather here in California and I hate that! I cant get over the fact that I am putting on two layers of long sleeves at 18°C (64°F – I had to google that one, because I’m forever thinking in Celcius and probably always will). So yes, I am wearing a lot of layers and can you believe I have downfilled slippers on and my fingers are cold?

Here’s the sight of me right now, as  you read this, what I am wearing right now. Ridiculous! This weather is like St. John’s summertime. Am I right?slippers-and-hoody

Getting back to the weekend recap, I wanted to tell you another funny story about babysitting. You guys probably already know that my neighbour and I, with our two small dogs, and her little-big baby, walk around our housing complex almost every night, and sometimes multiple times per day when she was on maternity leave. I filmed a YouTube video telling you about that time I was changing his diaper when he was just weeks old. The little feller was – not even kidding you – laughing at ME, changing HIS diaper. Because I could tell he had no idea what I was doing.

Well folks, I looked after (the now 7 month old) baby once again. This time, it was for a couple of hours and the little guy was at my house. Baby and I chilled out for the entire day as my neighbours … guess what?…. MOVED OUT of their apartment. Shame on them for not being my neighbour any more, haha. I gotta give them credit, they picked a house 3 miles from ours, so at least we can still visit one another without technically driving to a completely different city. I’m still sad about it though.

baby legThe little guy is more interactive and fun to be around now, because he can sit up, clap, laugh… and boy oh boy even though he can’t crawl yet he can still move around the room! Guess that’s why you can never leave babies unattended. I’m happy my neighbour although my husband and I not being parents yet, still trust us to leave their baby with us. A humble brag, but I think it’s because I have a lot of patience, plus I’ve been around the lil’ fart since my neighbour announced her pregnancy to me.

When she dropped off her baby, she told me he already had a dirty diaper cleaned once already. Awesome — no dirty diapers while he’s over at my house.



During that same hour she dropped him off, he had a stinky surprise. In my head I ask myself: How long do I let him toot for? How do I know he’s “done”? Oh, trust me you guys— you will know. And forewarning, open the windows before changing the diaper. And because he is a boy, you need to be careful while changing him: pee can launch far. I had to text my neighbour after everything was done, apologizing for the amount of wet wipes I used.

I think the baby does this on purpose, because he knows I don’t know what I’m at. He knows he’ll get a kick out of me. He laughed the entire time too, silly fella. Preparing me for motherhood, I swear. Luckily the hours flew by, as I fed him three times, with a nap (for him) in between the gigs and the reels.

By the time my neighbours had finished moving their everything’s into their new spot, it was only mid-afternoon and like I stated the time flew, but it crawled at the same time. I was ready to crack out the wine and cheese as soon as he left haha! wine-glass-cheersI’ve been waiting to use my fancy new cheeseboard (it’s the Lyna Marble and Wood Cheese Dome from, and Sunday night was it. It was a wine and cheese for two — so the multiple wine bottles in the background were just for props to make the cheeseboard look nice. Hey, bloggers gotta blog.



I had saved two macaron’s from an event I went to earlier last week and the cheese was from The Cheese Shop in Carmel-by-the-Sea, when we went the weekend prior, on a spontaneous trip to Monterey + Carmel + Big Sur. Blog post for that coming soon too by the way.

Cheeseboard-from-OverstockIsn’t it the fanciest cheeseboard you laid your eyes on lately? I kinda want to put apples or lemons in it for the time being when I’m not using it for its purpose. I keep it out on the kitchen island at all times. I also think it’d be fantastic for doing flat-lays for beauty product shots with some sprigs of pine surrounding it. Right?!

What did you guys get up to this past weekend?

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