Highlights of Newfoundland

Photo post overload! I wanted to just invade your blog feed with TONS of fun photos of Newfoundland while I was there over Thanksgiving! Enjoy the post :)

Hanging out with Daddio.IMG-20131018-01657

Going for a cruise with my Dad, again!

My parents fireplace is amazing. IMG-20131019-01678

Trying on hats at Posie Row, downtown. Loved this one, didn’t buy it ($50!)IMG-20131019-01676

Next up, some candid shots that my Mom took of us three in the park. These are my fav!

Took my nephews winter hat off his head just to tease him. Love our expressions! I totally lived in my MPG hoody the entire time. It’s incredibly comfy and definitely durable.IMG_6309

Hanging out in one of the trees talking about poop most likely.IMG_6490

Guys, I used to live in trees in our backyard as a kid. I can’t believe how HARD it is to climb a tree now that I’m “old”! LOLIMG_6482

Having a chat with the little guy. I think this is when he was stuck and I was about to help him get down.IMG_6467

Piggy backs while running are fun for me. Scary for the nephew ;)IMG_6435

Don’t SIT on me, kid!IMG_6418

Pretending to shoot each other. Boys.IMG_6416

Playing tag. I TOTALLY nabbed him. Slow kid ;)IMG_6387

I laughed until I cried when I saw this picture. Here he is hanging on for dear life. IMG_6347

Cracking up at this photo. Caption: “Ancy Nancy I want a turn… is it my turn yet?” as I hog the swing and my nephew tries to catch me. Hah!!!Not yet kid!IMG_6322

I was told before the jump, we all had to hold hands and say “1-2-3 DONKEY KONG”. IMG_6316


My favorite shot of my entire trip. nephews and i smiling

My nephew trying to bother me. Standing on my boots!!!ruairi stepping on my bootHeading back to the car all holding hands. How sweet!!!IMG_6514

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Do you have any nieces or nephews?

How far away do you live from your family?

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