Alfie’s Adventures in the birthday convertible

Well folks, Alfie had one fantastic birthday, let me tell you that much. And a huge thanks goes out to Mazda USA for providing us with a birthday convertible for our sweet pup. Yes – I pitched it, solely for the purpose of Alfie’s use.

You want to know why? Because that’s the only thing that will make him smile this huge, these days. Almost two weeks ago we received the worst news that Alfie (who has lymphoma and is terminally ill) only had days left. So far, he’s going strong and is our little fighter. We’re hoping he becomes a miracle puppa. So far I think we’ve gotten everything down pat with regards to his medications, when to walk him (when his belly is all squeaky, or if he gets suddenly aggravated and barky), and feed him small frequent meals a day (which is 5….lol). He’s lost quite a bit of weight, but that’s due to the cancer, unfortunately. I’ve been updating everyone on his status on Instagram stories as much as possible, and people thoroughly enjoy seeing his little face, and rooting him on. So much love for this little fella!

His 8th birthday was on October 23, and we followed suit, similar to my birthday back in May. We didn’t get the car until the 24th so on that weekend, we drove down in the “California Convertible” as I like to label it (the Mazda MX5) and had a beach day in Santa Cruz, all catered to him. It was perfect. Brought his snacks, his meds and all hahahaha.

When we came back at sunset, we watched the airplanes come in, back in San Jose, and it was the perfect ol’ day. Couldn’t have asked for a better day at all.

This is my first time actually driving the MX5 myself, since the other two times I was in it, they were standard transmissions, and I didn’t want to take a chance learning on a review car, haha. So, I was peppin’ around all week with Alfie in tow, roof down constantly – even if it was a bit chilly. COuldn’t wipe that smile off Alfie’s face, which in turn made my entire week so much better.

Each day is a different story with our sweet pup, but luckily this past week he’s been “himself” with how well things are going.

Lymphoma isn’t curable, but it is treatable. At this point, Alfie’s lymphoma has taken over his little intestines, and is growing. We can only hope that we’re making his last while with us, the best he’s ever had.

Thank you again Mazda for being so understanding, caring, and best of all making my little Alfie smile.

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Alfie’s Adventures

AlfieHeaderGosh! Time just flies by when I’m not blogging. I need to get a system down pat again where I set aside a day or two to write and pump out some blog post ideas and photograph the things I want to share with you in advance. Otherwise, it’s complete radio silence around these parts for days on end! Oops.

And for good reason this time. If you follow me on Instagram then you already know what happened. But, the past two weeks I’ve been preoccupied with taking care of our little puppa-friend, as everyone knows and loves: our little Alfie. A little under two weeks ago, Alfie and I had the scare of our lives when he was attacked and mauled by a neighbours pitbull. Counting his lucky stars, he wasn’t killed (and could have been easily! Many small dogs get mauled and killed instantly this way). While it was happening, all I could do was scream and watch it happen, only by the end of it I clicked-in and my instinct told me to try and yank Alfie’s harness + leash as hard as I could to fly him up into my arms. It was terrifying, and the visuals and Alfie’s little screams still haunt me. I rushed him to the vet 20 minutes after the incident happened and he required sedation and a lot of stitches across his entire belly and a drain to help the gross stuff come out. I don’t want to get into any details about how the other person is dealing with the whole situation, but my husband and I — we’re working on it. It’s stressful. That’s all I’ll say.

GOOD NEWS. He is doing well, amazingly well to be honest. He has surprised us all and bounced back within the week of the incident.

A few days after, I had the Mazda CX-3 dropped off to me for the week. I asked Mazda if I could review the same car that I own, but a newer version (Mazda 3 hatch) for my birthday week—but unfortunately it wasn’t available. So I reviewed the snazzy little bug-like car: CX-3! It’s taller than the hatch, but wider and stumpier (shorter lengthwise) which was surprising. But super fun to drive around in. I think my next car is going to definitely have a white leather interior. There’s something a lot more luxurious about white leather, than black cloth (what I have) or black leather (typical, right?). And those red accents against the white leather? Hoooowee. The panelling on the CX-3 is significantly more different than my 9 year old Mazda 3 hatch. I’m loving the upgrades! I do have to say, I do not like the center console and where the drink holders are. It’s impractical, and the straws hit off the center console. Plus, there was nowhere to “hide” stuff (I suppose you could stuff things into the glove compartment, but I like having options. Like again: center console). But I guess those are minor details.

As my Dad would’ve said, it’s a slick lookin’ car!

Alfie in CX3Of course, as per usual rules are rules and Alfie must always be my first passenger as he’s the little Captain in Command. I was so excited to see Alfie smiling when we were driving around— just like old times.

Alfie required a t-shirt on his body, and a cone on his little noggin’ as we didn’t want him at his stitches. But how cute is he, popping his head up at this little Snapchat video I posted? What surprised me, is that Alfie is really digging the tee-shirt I picked up for him for $1.50 at Daiso. He gets huffy when I take the tee off him to clean his cut!

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2016 Mazda CX3My husband and I toured around in the CX-3 scoping out new-to-us areas, and just after sunset we went up on one of the mountains in the South Bay, and what a view of the area.

ZoomZoomIt was incredibly stunning and it’s something you have to trust when I say, you have to see it for yourself since photos wouldn’t do it justice. Also, I didn’t take any photos while we were up there (all you’d see were street lights and darkness haha!).

RonaldMcDonaldOh, how was my birthday? Excellent, considering I met Ronald McDonald and had my photo taken with him, haha. Mister and I were invited to a Mother’s Day event (dog Moms totally count too!)

White Shellac nailsI also ended up getting my nails done. White shellac is back. I was so excited to see Mr R. McDonald I started wiggling. Hence the awkward stance. Hey, I’m a kid at heart.

Bday surprisesI also got spoiled with a nice surprise on my doorstep from a pal of mine. One of the last days with the CX-3 I decided to drive up to the Livermore Outlets to do a bit of birthday shopping for myself. Tip! If you’re from out of state/country: bring your license/passport and you can go to concierge and get a free discount booklet to use at the stores.

PradaI did a sneaky little purchase at Prada — because who has time to pay full price? Not this bargain hunter!

converseI think I’ve jumped on the converse kicks wagon. The regular lace-ups look like clown shoes on me, but the slip-on’s somehow make my 8.5 foot look smaller, and rightfully so since they run a little big. I tried on an 8 and I still have room. I didn’t buy them, but eventually I may consider it.

How has your week been? 

pallet in cx3

MazdaCX3Thanks to Mazda for loaning me the CX-3 for the week, for a little birthday gallivanting! :) 

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4th of July recap

I feel like I haven’t truly sat down in ages and told you what we’ve been up to. I’d like to think the lack of blogging meant that I’ve been having the best ol’ time, with not much computer time, and that I have.

Pop on my red and white outfit for Canada Day, then a few days later add a bit of blue to the outfit and you have my Independence Day outfit. Celebrating our second Fourth of July here in America was pretty wicked, I have to admit. I ended up doing a 4th of July vlog on my YouTube channel and in case you weren’t aware I upload them every Monday and Wednesday!

Mazda-CX-5For the week I am reviewing the Mazda CX-5 crossover SUV and so we took full advantage of my husband having a four day weekend and using the review-car’s mileage to explore California a bit more, with just the two of us in tow.

So, let’s play catch-up on our weekend together. It’s been a long time since we haven’t had visitors on a holiday/vacation day for my husband, so it was really nice to be able to spend the time with him, solo.

Santa-Cruz-Mazda-CX5On Thursday, the Mazda CX-5 was delivered right before lunch and we immediately hit the road just moments after having the keys handed over to me.



Six-Flags-palm-treesI drove us both up north to Vallejo to go to the Six Flags amusement park to ride roller coasters until we got ill. Seriously, I cannot handle it any more. It’s not even the fact we went on spinny rides, because we totally didn’t. I think my stomach simply can’t handle the cork screws in some of the rides. Needless to say, I definitely had to sit down for a good half hour at one point to let things settle. Call me stubborn, but I didn’t let a little nausea stop me from havin’ a good time at the amusement park! I also didn’t realize Six Flags is somewhat of a zoo (literally speaking) because we saw penguins – they are tiny little fella’s, and some stinkin’ cute too man.

As per usual, a good recovery food after a long day at the amusement park, calls for a feed at McDonalds. Hooboy! So tasty.

Vallejo-Six-FlagsFriday morning my husband had a cycling-date set up with a friend of his in Santa Cruz bright and early in the morning.

Alfie-smilingRather than him getting up at 6am to bike down there, I offered him a ride. Alfie came along with us this time, since I wanted to take some photos of the new vehicle I was in for the week, and of course stop at the Mitchell’s Cove Beach, the off leash dog beach again.

Mitchell-Cove-Beach-surfAdmittedly, Alfie is getting pretty comfortable with being on this beach as we’ve got a number of times already (see the YouTube video of us, our first time visiting), so he was prancing and marching about bossing all the humans and dogs around. I’m not sure if people were fed up with him barking, but I certainly wasn’t havin’ him bark the entire time, so I ventured off into a more quiet area of the beach and let him calm his nerves.

Alfie-getting-toes-wetSuch beautiful views! I love this place.

Santa-Clara-UniversitySince my husband was going to be in the Santa Cruz area biking for a good 6+ hours and didn’t require a ride home, I drove back up to Santa Clara area and decided to check out the Santa Clara University campus for the first time. I’ve driven past the school many times, but haven’t stepped foot on their grounds.


Santa-Clara-Uni-bikesSo what better time to explore, than on a holiday weekend when school is out and there isn’t much foot traffic. You can see more photos of the campus in my last Pomeranian Friday post.


On 4th of July I then drove us to San Francisco to check out the Madame Tussauds wax museum and then watching the foggy fireworks, we popped into Boudin to warm up our bodies. Because what a chilly day you guys! Smooch-George-Clooney


Looking-at-ObamaI feel like San Francisco in July can be awfully chilly if you’re not dressed for the weather. Think, Newfoundland weather forecast — you can expect any type of weather any time of day, and that’s the same with The City.

ETHave you guys ever been to a wax museum? My husband hadn’t before this trip, and I remember going to the London England one back in 1998, but the only wax figures I remember spotting was the Beatles, I suppose — it’s that long ago. But it was really fantastic checking out this one. I am going to take a while guess and presume that they rotate their wax statues to keep people coming back. Because, when I searched the #MTSFSelfie hashtag on Instagram, the beatles, and other Lady Gaga statues were there too – that I didn’t end up seeing. So I’ll definitely have to go back a second time in a year or two, to see what else they have on display!

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