Exploring coffee shops: Voyageur du Temps

Voyageur-du-TempsI’m always looking forward to my next exploration of a coffee shop that gives off cool vibes, or a sweet spot to chill out and relax. It’s starting to become a series on my blog, and I’m liking it.

Last week I went to Los Altos with Jessica and her son. We checked out the cities converted train station now turned french bakery and cafe for breakfast now called Voyageur du Temps. Those of you who are familiar with the Los Altos area, knows it’s a great spot to find quaint boutiques, and fantastic one-off restaurants to eat at, like Bumble! It’s also a crazy expensive place to live, one of the most prestigious places in Silicon Valley. You’ll often find rare luxury cars parked out on the streets as people pick up their morning coffee, or do a bit of shopping in the area. I can’t help like act like a constant tourist around these parts, snapping pictures for instagram or let’s get real, to send to my husband.

I received my latte (they didn’t have vanilla lattes, my usual) and a fancy bread thing which I later discovered is called the Star Ring pastry. As you’d expect from around these parts I paid $7.99 for my coffee and pastry, however it was a great little treat to have once in a while. I savored every last bite of that star ring, it was excellent.

Voyageur du Temps has a beautiful interior with a glass window where you can watch the pastry chefs and bakers work their magic in the kitchen to satisfy you of those artisan baked goodies you are craving. I will definitely head back for lunch some day at this little gem!







Voyageur du Temps

288 First Street, Los Altos, CA 94022
Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-8pm

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Filling my belly with some Bumble

Well now that you’re all caught up on the three large recaps of our road trip across the continent (recap 1 // recap 2 // recap 3), I can now finally get back to regular blogging.

Once we arrived in California, we stayed in a hotel for 5 or 6 days until we found a town house to move into. I didn’t realize a lot of places would let you move in the next day. You’d think it’d me more common to wait until the beginning of the month. We hired movers to unpack our U-Haul on Saturday February 15, and we’ve been settling in ever since.

On The Guy’s first day of work, Jessica came to pick me up and we went out for a bite to eat at Bumble. The restaurant is in Los Altos — a really quaint part of the silicon valley, yet very expensive to live.

BumbleI love their Graphic Design work on the menu’s and inside the whole place. It’s beautifully decorated and family friendly. There’s a play room for kids, and a fish tank that divides the play room and the restaurant up. Also, if you’re not a huge fan of children there’s also an adult-only area where you can eat.

Jessica suggested I order the BLT off their lunch menu. As for my drink, I couldn’t decide between the guava lemonade which sounded so refreshing on a warm winter’s day (ha! how funny does that sound) in California, or the regular lemonade. I asked the server what one I should try, and he suggested his favourite – the guava lemonade. Served with a paper striped straw and all. The perfect touch. It was as good as it looks, and sounds, my friends.

BTLA at Bumble Los Altos

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