Is tracking what you eat necessary?

You hear it all the time — track what you eat, especially if you’re going on a ‘diet’ or just want to change your eating habits.

supperI’ve been keeping a food log since I started the 30 day Paleo challenge (which was from April 7 — May 7, 2013), and it has helped me immensely with being in touch with my eating habits and cutting out all the sugar. Because quite frankly I cannot rely on youth to keep me fit anymore. Daily exercise and a healthy living lifestyle is key to a healthy life. Instead of uploading it all on my blog though, I upload to instagram.

Maybe you don’t have time to track every trivial detail of what you eat every single day. Sure, I find it annoying and I get questioned about why I’m photographing my food —  but right now it works for me. I’m still not on autopilot on grabbing the most healthiest option available, but I’m getting there. I allow myself treats whenever I want them, however I limit them. Rather than having them once or twice a day I have them once or twice a week. thrive juice bar lunch

Have to be honest though. I have a tendency to focus on the negative. Especially after being SO successful on Paleo and losing 9lbs and 7+ inches on my waist/bum. Since May 7 when the Paleo challenge ended, I have been more aware of my eating and while I was keeping track I wasn’t 100% paleo. More like 100% faileo.

I’ve been enjoying summer and that’s all that counts. Right here, right now. Helloooo homemade Sangria!sangria

I know that Paleo is not for me. As I’ve stated before, any time I’m eating a days worth (or more) of paleo, I get a leaky gut. I don’t think Paleo is a safe option for my body to take on, for life. My body is missing something. Right now I’m eliminating most processed foods and eating clean my way. I’m doing this to better myself. I need to steer clear of fad diets (not saying Paleo is a fad, but who knows…) because one minute it’s healthy for you, the next it’s bad. I have been incorporating carbs, but still no dairy. I’m still not seeing the results I saw on Paleo though, which is tough.

Since I snap photos of everything I eat right down to the meals, snacks and drinks every day it’s helping me visually work on my goals. snack

Have you ever tracked what you ate? Is it working/Has it worked for you?

How do you keep track? (Photos, writing it down online, or a pen + paper combo?)

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