[IMC] Ironman Canada recap

We went to British Columbia for the Ironman Canada race that my Boyfriend has competed in each year for the past three years. IMC  is (and is always) held in sunny, beautiful, hot ass weather Penticton. Race day was really warm and it was also the first time that I went out to volunteer. I usually like to stick around and scope out the best places to cheer on my Boyfriend, but since his sister was also with us — we decided to volunteer. We got to keep those fabulous orange shirts as well. Flattering. :)

We were at the water station for IMC and rather than myself handing out water, I decided to ask the competitors if they wanted to get splashed… and I threw cups of water on their chests / over their heads / on their back, all while wearing the Newfoundland flag as a wrap-around skirt on my bottom half. It was fun interacting with all the runners and obviously I went ballistic ringing my cowbell and running along side my Boyfriend when we saw him on the run course. He took another half hour off his time from last year, he did the same thing in 2010, so since 2009 he’s an HOUR faster. :) !!

Volunteering at the aid station for 4 hours definitely made the entire day fly by. I’ll be definitely thinking about re-signing up to volunteer again next year.

I’ll be back later with a recap of the rest of my vacation with the Boyfriend. Here’s what’s coming up: We rode a tandem bike around Vancouver, I did a hike that I didn’t like (see below / crank face) and saw some old friends from Newfoundland! I really need to get my computer fixed to show you more photos. Maybe I should just take utility knives to it and have at’er. Til next time!

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Time for a checkin…

Writing a blog entry on an iPad is difficult. I suppose I could use my 5 year old laptop that always flicks to the year 1998 when I turn it on, but it takes too long for me to be patient enough to use it. My computer here at home is broke. But it won’t stop me from my addiction blogging.

As I posted last week I just got back from San Diego and now we’re going on another trip soon to Ironman Canada. I have a ton of posts lined still from my San Diego recaps (see part one, and part two in case you missed them) so I’ll be pumping out those posts all week.

Don’t forget to enter the Glymm Box giveway for September. It ends on Friday and of course available only to us lucky Canadians.

I’m off to CrossFit now tonight. Wish me some much needed strength — haven’t been there since July! I kinda just want to stay home and eat garlic bread on lake cottage furniture. I’ve been vacationing, and babying my sunburn that I got so it’s been a while. Death by pullups tonight! :)

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