Not-So Wordless Wednesday

yellow gap jeggingsScored these yellow GAP jeggings for $16 (originally $80) a week ago.

nephewsI get to see these two lil guys in a little over a week.

marketing teamOur new Marketing guy at work! He’s so fun! (I asked his permission to be on my site).

new workout clothes New workout gear is always fun. Lululemon top | GAP leggings | Reebok Nano’s.

Rouge Fitness Skipping RopeSpeaking of fitness. This Rouge Fitness skipping rope is incredible and I can do 20+ double-unders in a row with them. Missing and then getting whipped with them isn’t as much fun, though.



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Where is Summer?

Who knew that here in Ontario I’d be wearing full fledged warm up jackets for working out well into June? Where is the scorching weather, Mother Nature? I moved from Newfoundland to Ontario to get away from the damp cold springs.

Well guess the weather waited a bit while I got to wear my new jacket for a few weeks at least. It’s the perfect time to add in that I’ve been wearing this sweet Under Armour jacket from Sport Chek.

Outfit deets: black Under Armour Studio Lux Jacket, GAP leggings and Reebok Nano sneakers. Now before inquiring minds ask, I received the Under Armour jacket from my Sport Chek friends, as I’m still part of the My Better Campaign. Under-Armour-jacket

I’m probably the only person who is this excited about thumb loops.  Genuine smiles right there folks. thumb-loops

The quality of the jacket is so luxe. It’s thicker than my all-time favorite warmup jacket by bright pink MPG, and thicker than the zip up jacket from Costco. I suppose it’s thicker and higher quality than the latter because it retails for $99 Canadian. under-armour-warmupjacket

I’ve recently purged my entire wardrobe and have kept a lot of stuff, sure — hey I’m female. But definitely kept in mind what makes me feel good and what I enjoy wearing. This being one of the few warm up jackets I bring with me to CrossFit.The jacket can be worn as a workout top or on a casual day with jeans. Here I am zipping it up. Careful not to expose myself to you.  zip-up-under-armour

I should start adding in my (many) blooper pictures. I think that adds a little interest to the blog posts. Keeps it true. blooper-pic It washes up well too. I’ve had the jacket since mid-May and had to wash it more than once due to the fact that I sweated in it many times. I don’t put anything in the dyer besides underwear and socks, so I have no idea if it shrinks. But I’d advise you not to put it in the dryer if you were worried. And so far? No pilling up — I hate it when clothing does that.

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Do you like my new pink cardigan (Wednesday’s outfit) I picked up last weekend?

I was in the mall on Sunday picking up my Sephora freebie for Earth Day. You simply just brought in any empty cosmetics container and exchange it for a full sized Origins facial moisturizer. So while I was in the mall I was browsing around. I happened to walk by the Gap and go in, hoping they had a striped blazer since I saw one on a fashion blog last week. They didn’t have it, but I did notice they had a 40% off the lowest ticketed sale items, so this beaut was $29.00 minus 40% off. Do the math! A pretty fab deal if you ask me. It’s quick thick and has such a wonderful quality feel to it. I paired it with my ever so favorite $12.95 H&M top. I’m going to go back to H&M and see if they have any more left in my size. I don’t want to be out a cute top if I happen to ruin it at all. Plus, it’s such a steal at $12.95!

I’ve also been loving, stacking bracelets. Whether it be sterling silver bracelets, or gold. Love them both. I’ll share with you a new jewelry site I came across from watching a few YouTube videos, next week with you all :)

Canadian taxes aren’t due until April 30 and the boyfriend and I just finished ours a few nights ago. I don’t know why I’m so slack with doing them, I mean it’s not like I have to pay in or anything – I always get a nice return! Have you filled yours out yet? Also! (Jeeze I’m chatty today) what is everyone doing this lovely weekend? Answer below, I love hearing all about you guys :)

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