That caught me off guard

I don’t think my social calendar has been booked so tightly in my entire life. As you can imagine, The Guy and I are very busy with the upcoming move to California, so I’ve been trying to book up my days and weekends to visit family and friends one last time before I go.

My co-worker Julie wants me for next Tuesday and Saturday nights — so I wasn’t expecting a surprise party like I had last night when I got back to work. She did that because they knew I can piece together things, and put two and two together fairly well. They had to trick me!

Let me back up a moment here.

The Guy asked to use my car (his isn’t winterized) and I had to ask a co-worker who lives around the corner from me, if I could hitch a ride with her in the morning. I almost regretted it because she likes to arrive 1-2 hours BEFORE work even opens. But I didn’t want to take 2 busses and over 45 minutes of travel to get to work that day.

Considering how nosy I am when it comes to planning secret events or wondering what my co-workers are up to on a daily basis, they’ve definitely pulled the wool over MY eyes last night.

I had no clue about the whole thing and I loved that it was such a surprise. You know how some days it’s a fun day at work and you just chat a lot? Yesterday a few people had their office doors closed and I just thought they were in a bad mood so I didn’t bother them. Much to my dismay, of course: PLANNING A PARTY! Friggen right!

I’ve never had a surprise party before – and now I know what it feels like to be truly surprised.

My bosses daughter, a fav co-worker of mine, (Amy) booked me in to hang out with her after work. I thought she was being pretty smart booking me off a few weeks in advance due to the fact she knew I’d be busy with the move. Little did I know.

We headed to the mall at 4:30 and didn’t get any questions about me sneaking out early since I hitched a ride into work with L at EIGHT A.M! Because low and behold The Guy needed my car for this secret going away party! I was wondering if he was using my car for moving preparations and I mentioned to some co-workers “he better not be having fun with my car tomorrow” (he usually asks to use my car to go skiing/biking). Amy and I took my bosses car and had to be back to the office by 6pm. When we pulled into the parking lot, I parked quickly as I wanted to sneak in the back door to give my boss a good freight, so I literally ran up the hallway but also trying to be quiet.surprise

I stopped dead in my tracks when I passed the board room, and that’s when I saw 3 co-workers sitting across, smiling at me. My face probably dropped and that’s when the tears started flowing and I snuck away to cry for a moment. When I walked into the board room, I noticed the popcorn, the candy, pizza , popcorn and Fossil gifts. All of my favourite things. Jeeze the staff knows how to make someone feel special, and loved.

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Fossil wearing Floral for Fall

I’ve been really into internet radio stations lately. More along the lines of indie rock that has nice mellow flow to it. Kno’ what I mean? A feel good kind of music. The other day, I tweeted out that I was listening to indie rock on Grooveshark.

My cousin wrote back that she was listening to…vlodge-coffee-indie

The other stations I really love to listen to (which are more house music) or kinda loud are audioboxlive, protonradio.

But you know what? This coffee shop indie reminds me of the music they play (or should play) in the Fossil store. Kinda relaxing, but kinda indie and fun. Calls to everyone whether their age be young or old. Don’t you think it suits the Fossil theme?

Music brings back so many memories. I’m sure you all can relate. For instance, I really enjoy music from Louie Armstrong, Fats Domino, , Ella Fitzgerald and all those oldies. It brings me back to when I discovered them as a preteen. I had a periwinkle colored bedroom and drawings of Louie on my wall that I did when I was in Art School.

Jumping all over the place here with my blog post, but since I was talking about Fossil two paragraphs ago, I may as well keep going. My boss recently bought a Fossil purse but not from the flag store itself. She got it from The Bay so you probably won’t be able to get one of these again.sharis fossil 3

She also bought the same wallet I have, but hers is in brown. It’s crazy soft. Softest leather you’ll feel. Touch it through the screen, that’s how smooth and buttery it is. Trust me. K maybe the leather’s more smoother.sharis fossil 2

The color of the purse is a beautiful tomato red color. Perfect rusty red for Fall. sharis fossil 1

Here’s the other side of ‘er. It looks small in these pictures but the purse itself is bigger than my Fossil explorer crossbody. sharis fossil 4


Fossil shared their fresh floral prints on their blog the other day. Fossil Floral Fall. That’s what I’m calling it. Blue dress is A-1 in my books. The boots to go with it? I need those. I thought they stopped selling footwear? Anyone know for certain? Either way I have a pair of new booties I got from Target the other week. Similar style, which I’m digging.

The girl in the green dress reminds me of a brunette Julia Styles. Agree? Circle Yes/No for your answer please. Why did she pop into my head? Probably because I”m on the 5th season of Dexter (NO SPOILERS!) and she’s one of the main characters during that season.

Are you a fan of floral print?

Do you own anything from Fossil?

Are you ready for Fall?

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Fossil doesn’t stop here

The Fossil love doesn’t stop here at just me. No siree. Just last week it was my bosses birthday. So I went with her and her daughter (who is also my co-worker) to the mall. We weren’t shopping for anything in particular, but we all came to the conclusion that we must stop into Fossil for a quick peek.

I kept eying my favorite Explorer flap clutch and spotted a spotted a different little coin purse or wallet. Loved the dotted leather one shown below. IMG-20130307-04285

My boss received a gum-ball charm for her birthday and wanted to add another one to her chain. Here she is picking out some charms. IMG-20130307-04286

And a purchase was made :) I got to carry the pretty bag. IMG-20130307-04288

My boss didn’t only get one charm. She bought two charms and a necklace to put it all on!  Talk about a Fossil fan here, right? IMG-20130307-04290

The box that it came in, was so cute.IMG-20130307-04291

While a few of us were in my office talking about my bosses new Fossil buys, the CEO comes in and wonders what we’re all talking about. My boss shows her the new purchases she made. Our CEO told us she’d be right back. Low and be hold the flippin’ woman comes back with HER purchase from Fossil that very same day! She ended up buying the Explorer Crossbody in this beauty teal color. She says she usually sticks to neutrals, but this was a nice color that she couldn’t pass up. Looks nice on her, right??IMG-20130307-04289

Are you eying anything at Fossil lately?

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