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I thought I’d start out this five-things-friday by sharing five local bay area bloggers/instagrammers I enjoy! Perhaps some of them are new-to-you, and you can check them out too!

Alyson from The Beauty Vanity · a friend of mine with a beautiful beauty site, and an even prettier instagram feed.
Grace from My Style and Grace · I met Grace at a blogger brunch a few months ago, she’s sweet is so stylish. Check out her outfits on instagram.
Joanne from GoFitJo · a fitness inspiration and a kind soul. Her instagram feed is pure goals.
Melissa from Savvy in San Francisco · she’s a darling, and always on top of the latest beauty launches. Her instagram beauty flatlays are magazine worthy.
Ariana Lauren from Fashion Born · From her interior style right down tot he clothes she wears, I love it all! I found her on instagram.

02. OCTOLY| is a site where you can receive free beauty products in exchange for a post on Instagram or a YouTube video. Obviously there’s a catch and it’s only open to USA (sorry Canadian pals), and you have to have 5K on YT, and 10K followers on IG. But it’s SO awesome because my parcel that came yesterday, was a few Dior items! Sign up if you can.

Ebates is old news to many, but I recently signed up in April, and I’ve already made $9.00 in savings from shopping online and using the discount. You don’t even have to think about it because when you visit a website (and you have the ebates in your web-browser-bar thing) it automatically pops up like an ad (lol… great) and you can “activate your %% back now” and most times it’s between 1-4% but if it’s your birthday week, you get a whoppin’ 15% back on your purchases on a lot of stores! You can use my referral link to sign up if you wish. Not sure what I get out of it to be honest though…

Weird angle/photo of me. Ignore the face, look at the tee. lol. Blush pink is a fantastic colour and I’ve been on the hunt for so many tops in that perfect-shade since I realized how …. flattering it looked on me. Target has a 3/4 length top that kind of resembles a baseball tee (sleeves are reversed in stripes). I picked it up yesterday for $12, buy it here. Sweet.

My birthday was last Sunday, and all I wanted to do was just go for a simple adventure in the car I labeled as the “birthday convertible” aka, convertible life, the Mazda MX5 we had for the week. My husband and I drove down the PCH (pacific coast highway) and hung out at coffee shops, browsed a store in Santa Cruz, and literally spent the day crusin’ along. It was so fun and relaxing and honestly one of the best birthdays I’ve had. By the way, spot my phone case? I ended up switching over to an otterbox because I dropped my phone on the ground (with the google-pixel case on it!) and it still chipped on the two bottom corners. Ticked off I was. Anyway, this slim otterbox case is definitely bulkier than most, but if it keeps this Pixel safe’n sound and free of any more chips I’m a happy phone-owner lol.

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Five Things Friday

I want to start writing like I used to. Not all about reviews, or about a certain product in one post. Let’s talk about a lot of stuff today. So let’s introduce Five Things Friday (gotta give credit where credit is due: got the idea from Erin’s blog over at Erin’s Inside Job). Let’s hop to it.

First off. Are ya sick of me promotion’ my $30 coupon you can have towards Blue Apron? It’ll end soon, I promise. It’s just that $30 of groceries and food delivery is too good to pass up (read about the food I cooked here)!!

Stoked. Man, I remember when my Mom labeled everything, and I loved it! Perhaps this is where my love of stationery comes in? I had the idea in my head to label all our glass jars (you know, the one’s where you store pasta in, and make it all pinteresy-like? Except ours is jammed in the pantry amongst other busy-looking-boxes and is yearning to have its own space). I bought mine for $8 on Target’s website. I also bought a backup of the black tape, making me have 3 extra rolls on hand in case I get too click-happy with it.

I understand the desire to have decaf now. I won’t get into TMI details, but I think ya can get what I’m sayin’ ya know? I decided to cut out my delicious caffeinated vanilla lattes and iced coffees and resorting to ordering decaf. It’s not so bad, but I’m not reliant on the caffeinated buzz it gives anyway since I only started drinking coffee-related drinks 2-3 years ago. Why am I giving it up? Not really any reason in particular, I just don’t need it.

03. MACxYouTuber collab|
I’m digging the MAC Cosmetics lipsticks that launched with all the famous YouTubers around the world. I’ve been watching Fleur de Force ever since she first started her channel years and years ago, and I’m happy to support my fellow Canadian Samantha Ravndahl in her success and journey (and boy is she awesome – she’s so brutally honest, and genuinely funny).

Acai bowls are back in this household! All last summer I made them a few times per week. So much so, I ended up breaking out blender by over-use. Oops! Now we have a new one, and I’m so stoked to have these delicious treats back.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do the past month or so. This time last year my makeup collection looked like this after I did a decluttering video. I’m not one who likes to have a large collection of makeup, and often I drop brand new products into my giveaway-pile for the fact I know I won’t use it. Right now I feel it has now gotten a little out of hand and the products are taking up the entire credenza in the bedroom. I need to skedaddle and get at it. It’s driving me nuts.

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