OOTD: Black on black on black

ootd-HEADERI love doing outfit of the day type of posts, and it looks like you guys are huge fans of them to. Any time I do them, my blog blows up.

reachGuess that means I should do more?



laughingWhat I’m wearing: White Sierra targhee insulated jacket, Zara jeans,Canada Home T, ASOS purse, Ray Ban sunnies, and Target sneakers.

black-on-blackWell here ya have it. Black on black on black, outfit of the day in downtown San Jose.



Stylish-in-blackLooks like I’m all suited up for winter, doesn’t it? Well, technically I am pretty set when it comes to winter gear, thanks to White Sierra for supplying my husband and I with a few new outer layers. I wore this one day when it was cool enough. It hasn’t been cool enough to wear it since. One day last week was 36*C you guys! That’s hotter than heck. I stayed inside and cranked the A/C. Now, cool down again please, so I can wear this stylin’ jacket.

Black-on-BlackI guess you can’t really see that the jacket is long enough to cover my bum. Which is nice. Most jackets like these just go to the belt-line and then a gust of wind will go up your back, giving you a chill. Not that you’d really get chilled in California. But if I were to wear this back home in Canada? Oh ya.


Don’t be fooled, I’m still my regular awkward self. Proof is in the bloopers:awkward-2



And there ya have it, another OOTD in the books. Should I make this a weekly thing?

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POM Friday | Exploring Downtown San Jose

POM-Friday-HeaderI don’t trek to downtown San Jose very often, mainly because the parking meters cost a fortune for a measly 15 minutes, and when I do go down I tend to go to a spot where I can get validated parking if I spend so much at a certain store/restaurant. Which, was my plan for this Monday that just passed by. I wanted to return a filing case to MUJI and I needed wanted more of their hexagon pens before they sold out of them for another year (which probably wasn’t a year, but it felt that long to be without my favourite pen!).




I brought Alfie along for the ride, and decided to take him out for his first downtown San Jose adventure. I stayed pretty much on the main street (I think it’s the main street, anyway) on Market.


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Exploring Coffee Shops: Social Policy

SoPoAt just about two weeks old, I randomly came across the new Bellano coffee shop called Social Policy in downtown San Jose this morning. It’s a gorgeous clean lined and beautiful design inside with the most perfect lighting for capturing photos of the place. I couldn’t stop getting up from my seat to snap photos.

Social-PolicyNot many people sitting around drinking their morning fix since it’s so new. I can only assume it’s due to people not knowing it’s open yet. I had a chat with the guy working there, and he said that this location was previously a spot called Black Bird Tavern. Having not been too familiar with downtown San Jose, I was never in that tavern before it closed down to become Social Policy.

Inside-Social-PolicyBellano has always focused on coffee but Social Policy has branched out and is serving up pastries and snacks, and I’ve been told they’re working on opening up a kitchen to serve more food than baked goods.


SoPo-OutI often like to take some me-time for an hour or so a few times a week, to turn off my phone (putting it in airplane mode) and enjoy my quiet time at coffee shops. I people watch, mainly — and it’s especially interesting to do so, here in the Bay Area. I can only imagine what sort of new deals are going down with the big wigs, or ideas people are coming up with.

VTAIt was a cool experience drinking my morning latte there today, the staff were neighbourly and chatty with me. I’ll definitely be back, especially that time of morning watching the commuters on the VTA train right outside the front door.

Social Policy latteDefinitely give their vanilla latte, and a piece of banana bread a shot. :)

SoPo-FooterSocial Policy
200 South 1th St, San Jose CA
facebook / twitter / instagram
(explore more Coffee Shops)


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