Dior Rouge Prêt-À-Porter

Dior-Rouge-Fall-2014Dior Rouge for the Prêt-À-Porter Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collection has a few nudes, an easy to wear pink and a few deep luxurious colours that are simply so perfect for the chiller months.

Dior-LipsticksThe swatches of the lipsticks will be coming shortly in the next few posts.

Dior-RougeCan you guess which colour I’m eyeing, and which one I’m not sure about?

Dior-5-lipsticksI can give you a hint. One is super dark, the other, a nude. Which way around is it though? Am I bold, daring, and enjoy a vampy lip? Or do I prefer the more nude shades? It’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Rouge-DiorAlright alright, closing up shop, putting the caps on the lipsticks until it’s swatch time.


Check back soon!

Questions for you:

How often do you wear lipstick?

What colour lipsticks do you normally gravitate towards?

Have you ever used Dior products (doesn’t have to be a lipstick)?

What section of Sephora do you usually head to first? (Ie: Could be brand related, or skin/hair/perfume)

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Dior Pret-A-Porter Nail Polish Swatches

All-Dior-PolishesDior Pret-A-Porter nail polish swatches are here! What do you think of them all? Scroll down for close ups of each polish that is launching for the Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collection.

Dior-Rose-Tutu-ThumbRose Tutu is the colour I mentioned that would be a fantastic transition into Autumn. A great peachy pink for those girly girls.

Dior-Pied-De-Poule-thumbPied-De-Poule. Oh I couldn’t wait to show you this swatch. I am happy it doesn’t give me the mannequin hands that I thought it would. Wrap yourself up in a knit cardigan with this great taupe-grey colour and walk along in the park crunching on those freshly fallen leaves.

Dior-Bar-902Bar is such an easy black colour to wear. I never thought I’d wear black polish, but it’s hard to say no when it looks so good on the nails. I’m transitioning from regular neutral nails to a intense rich black this Autumn.

Dior-Massai-thumbMassï is an eye popping, dramatic, intense rich red. You can never go wrong with a red nail.

Dior-Carre-Bleu-ThumbCarré Bleu is a midnight navy which gives the nail a sophisticated, pulled together look for Fall.

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Dior Prêt-À-Porter 5-couleur

Dior’s Fall collection has launched as of August 1, 2014. A beautiful, yet powerful set of quad eye shadows launching this season for Dior Prêt-À-Porter. All around easy to wear colours, whether you want a more feminine look, a smoky eye, or an every day neutral — they’re all right here in these three palettes.

The quilted look imprinted into each single eye shadow gives it a more lustrous, and classic look. But don’t let me talk you through the eye shadows, you’ve gotta see to believe the wonders of this collection.

Dior-5-CouleurI’m going to be honest with you. You probably already know by reading my blog that I don’t choose to wear eye shadow all that often, and when I do I gravitate towards the neutrals, as I feel more comfortable blending, and applying them without looking a fool. But you can’t help but enjoy the colours that Dior came up with this season. I think my favourite quad from this collection is the one you spot on the far left. A nice mixture of a soft pink, a white highlight, an easy to wear lid green/taupe colour. Then there’s a nice burgundy and a fantastic rosy pink in the middle. That one is called Trafalger.

A closer look at them all.Dior-TrafalgarTrafalger 876

Dior-Pied-De-PoulePied-de-Poule 096

Dior-TutuTutu 846

Man I missed doing product shots on the blog. I think that’s my forte.

Swatches however, are a bit more tedious as they take a bit more work trying to get the accurate colour to show up correctly. Need that natural sunlight to shine through. And when Mr. Sunshine is out (which hey, let’s be realistic, is all the time here in California) they all swatch so beautifully.

Dior 5-couleur ($61 CDN) — Available as of August 1, 2014

Available colours
Trafalger 876
Bar 056
Pied-de-Poule 096
Carre Bleu 276
Tutu 846

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