Products I’ve Used Up

Prouct-Empties-headerWelcome back for another Beauty Talk Tuesday. Today I’m going to show you the beauty products I have used up recently or what I’ll be throwing away even if they’re not completely empty. This is where things get real. It’s where I tell you if products are worth the hype, or simply don’t waste your money on. It takes me ages to finish a product up completely, so this type of post will probably be going up semi-annually.

Let’s jump right on in.

Miracle-WorkerPhilosophy Miracle Worker eye cream: It will take me 6-8 months to finish an eye cream when applying it each morning. Miracle Worker was first introduced to me when I went to Toronto for a philosophy event at Sephora, and I was hooked on the consistency as soon as I felt it. This will continue to be a staple in my makeup bag, as I’ve alrady gone through 2-3 tubes of this in the past. I do like to take breaks from products and switch them up, as I have more than one favourite of certain products. Right now I’m using my other #1 eye cream, the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair, which is a completely different in texture, weight, and feel to the under eyes. Miracle Worker is more of a silicone feel, and Extra Eye Repair is more hydrating and sinks into the skin.

Jouer-BronzerJouer Bronzer: After using up two of these bronzers I have finally decided to go on and try something else. I apply bronzer heavily to my skin, year round due to personal preference — I like the healthy glow year round. I would continue to buy it again, it’s not too gray or orange and it lasted me a good 7 months. Unfortunately my local Nordstrom doesn’t sell this brand, so I have to order it on Amazon, or on the Jouer website.

Equate-wipes Equate-wipes-bonusEquate Makeup Remover Wipes: I’m going to lump these two facial wipes in with one another. The more blue packaged one is what I had been using regularly to remove my makeup, so I picked up a similar 2-pack when it was on sale. Out of the blue, the only thing that I had changed in my routine was using the whiter package set of wipes and the next morning I woke up with swollen puffy eyes. I’m not sure what happened with these since I had last used them, but they do not work with my skin any longer. 3 for 3, I tried them (all within a few weeks of each other because I wanted to clarify it was this and not another product). Sure enough, every time I used one of the two wipes above, puffy, flakey and sore under eyes the next morning. Not a nice sight! These are going straight to the garbage. I’m disappointed because I kept repurchasing the blue package one’s above, without fail — now they irritate my skin.

Dior-diorshowDior Diorshow Mascara: One of the most fantastic (yet expensive) mascaras I have for volumizing and lengthening your eyelashes. I prefer a drier mascara formula and this one is fantastic. I’ve gone through countless Diorshow mascaras, and I’ll continue to buy this product.

principessa-dry-shampooPrincipessa Beauty Dry Shampoo: I first found out about this coloured dry shampoo powder when I received it in a beauty subscription box a number of years ago. It was a small sample sized tin at the time, and I love enough to purchase this 4oz full sized tin for $24 at The Bay in Canada. You only need a light sprinkling of this to soak up any oil in your hair, and the tin has lasted me for 2 full years. I panicked when I ran out of it down here in the USA, but luckily found it on Amazon and what do you know — this product is Canadian-made in Vancouver! Represent! :)

purity-made-simplePhilosophy Purity Made Simple: Saving the best product for last. I can’t count how many times I have purchased the purity facial cleanser. This product will never leave my sink side, and if I have less than a quarter left in the bottle, I’ve already stocked up on the product at the store. I will never go without this, it’s gentle enough on the eyes (never stings) and removes all of my makeup. Occasionally I’ll use my Clarisonic Mia 2 with this to get a nice deep clean.

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #5

1. The building managers where we live put off a pool party for the residents last weekend, and since The Guy (aka my husband, as he wants to remain internet anonymous from now on) was out of town over night, I went solo for a few hours, introducing myself to as many people as possible. The turn-out wasn’t impressive, and I only met a handful of people. But I’m happy I went, because I met a new-to-us couple, who also has a small dog and the wife and I have been walking our dogs every evening after she gets off work. We are sort of forcing friendship with our two dogs. They’re both territorial and “king/queen of the household” so there is a lot of barking and “I’m so scared I poop” (mainly from Alfie). But hooray for new friends!

J Crew Anya Suede Ballet Flats2. These shoes are comfortable, hence me buying them in bulk. Not as practical, as they’re suede and will get dirty quicker. I picked up the pink and blue one’s at the Gilroy Outlets, and bought the turquoise one online at J.Crew Factory for a steep discount. Roughly $110 for the three pairs, in total.

Tillandsia-Andreana3. I killed my air plant, that rarely needed watering. I’m disappointed in myself for letting it die. This is why I can only have real looking faux flowers. I only needed to rinse it under water once a week, which I did. It’s probably too hot for it in California. Lame.

Tiny Post Hoop Earrings in 14k Gold Fill 3mm4. I’ve been meaning to talk about these earring for a few months. I bought them from Autumn Equinox on etsy, and I think they’re super cool. I prefer stud earrings as opposed to anything that drops below the ear lobe, as my ears are pierced unevenly and you can really notice it when I wear anything but studs unfortunately.

5. Songza has been my choice of music for a few months, when The Guy introduced it to me. Freakin’ love it.

Every day makeup6. Makeup has been minimal for me for the last little while. Here’s all the goodies I’ve been wearing when I feel like wearing anything. Dior BB cream // Cle de Peau concealer // Jouer Bronzer // Dior Diorshow mascara // Tweezerman eyelash curler // Real Techniques brushes.

7. I love mangoes, but hate cutting them up — so here’s a way to peel a mango in 10 seconds or less. Thanks to Carla for posting the link on her blog!

FitBit Tory Burch (image from FitBit)

8. Love the concept of tracking your fitness and calories burned throughout the day, but hate the look of the athletic looking Fit-Bit? I know it’s not versatile for every one to wear. But Katie recently blogged about the new launch from Tory Burch making more aesthetically pleasing FitBit gear.

Random questions for you:

Do you have your ears pierced? If so, how old were you?
I was in Grade 5 when I got mine done.

When is the last time you uploaded new music to your iPod/Smart Phone/MP3 player?
I never listen to music on my 2nd gen iPod shuffle, and once it’s on there, it’s there for ever. Songza’s where it’s at. If I’m on the treadmill or running outside, I run sans music.

How often do you go swimming?

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