Dior Cosmopolite | Lipsticks


Dior cosmopolite lipsticks have launched as of August 1! Here are the three new colours to tickle your fancy. If you missed out on seeing the new nail polishes that have also launched, you can either look at this photo below, or click on this blog post to see them all swatched on my fingers. Dior-Cosmopolite-polishes

Nouvelle-Femme-DiorThese are the Rouge Dior lipstick formula, and they’re highly pigmented and glossy.

I probably don’t have to sell you on that (nor am I trying to), because they’re Dior and they sell themselves because they are beautiful lipsticks. But I still wanted to show you how they swatch, and take many many pretty photos of them. I can’t help myself.

Dior-Cosmopolite-lipsticksLeft to right Unique, Continental, and Nouvelle Femme. Unique is a vampy shade with a bit of a plum-kissed look when applied on the lips. I wore Continental in my Get Ready With Me: Dior Cosmopolite 2 ways (Blonde vs. Brunette) video I did with Megan! Finally, the star of the show, a gorgeous nude with a hint of peach undertones, Nouvelle Femme. My favourite out of the trio.





Cosmopolite-lip-swatchesThe swatches you may have all been waiting for. In the twitter picture I posted a few days ago, you can tell that it has more of a shine to it than in the picture here. You don’t understand how difficult it is to manoeuvre and contort your body in the perfect position to snap some of these pictures and have some of them come out blurry. Would you kill me if I said these photos took two hours to capture and pose just so? Believe me! Though my husband was sitting with me throughout some of it, agreeing that the lighting was too good not to stop, good man.



CD-Lipsticks-Fall-2015Think you’ll be picking up any of the three shades from the Dior Cosmopolite fall 2015 collection?

Disclaimer: I am over the moon excited to tell you that Dior sent me the Cosmopolite Fall 2015 collection for ME to review. Me!! Psst, I love dior.  

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Video: Get Ready With Me – Dior Cosmopolite 2 Ways (Blonde vs. Brunette)

My friend Megan and I did another collaboration together on YouTube. This time we used the same products we both received from teh Dior Cosmopolite (Fall 2015 collection) and created our own makeup looks. Since she has light hair and is lighter skined, and I’m a brunette with darker skin we thought it would be interesting for us to both film how the same products could look on one another.

Here is a sneak peak of the outcome.Dior Cosmopolite makeup

Go ahead and watch! You can see Megan’s video here too.

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Dior Cosmopolite | Powder Eyebrow Pencils

Dior-brow-headerIt’s incredibly easy to define your eyebrows with a few swipes of the Dior powder eyebrow pencils. I don’t think I’ve seen something so pigmented in a pencil form, it’s literally an eyeshadow in pencil form.

Seeing as I received 6 shades of the Dior brow products, I decided to share the love with my neighbour who has blonde hair, and gave her a couple of the pencils I knew would never suit my brow colour. She was definitely pleased, especially considering it’s a Dior product! Hello! Might as well share the wealth, especially after I’ve completeled swatching and photographing them all, am I right? No sense being a hoarder sure.

Right, back to the brow game.

Brow game be strong with these bad boys. It has taken me a bit of getting used to when applying the pencils to my brows. because it’s so pigmented it lays down colour easily, so a light hand for a newbie eyebrow person like myself is necessary. With that said, I can already tell that the pencil is going to last me years due to how little product I need.


Dior-brow-pencils< Top to bottom: ‎Blonde, Ash blonde, Brown, Soft brown, Dark brown, Black.


I’ve heard that in the past the Dior brow pencils were harder and tugged on the skin. They must’ve reformulated them, because it’s definitely not the case with these powder eyebrow pencils.
Dior-Brow-Powder-PencilI love that each pencil comes with its own sharpener, imprinted with Dior on the side. Classy!




Dior-brow-shadow-swatchesLeft to right swatches of: Blonde, Ash blonde, Brown, Soft brown, Dark brown, Black.

I am undecided as to what colour I like best on my own eyebrows — soft brown or dark brown. I’ve been using soft brown because it has a more ashy undertone instead of a stark brown. But if I’m feeling more bold, I opt for the dark brown. Oh the ‘brow options are endless.




Disclaimer: Dior PR sent me the powder eyebrow pencils for review…and I LOVE them. 


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